Friday Sept 22nd

Join us to honor the

Fall Equinox




This is a FREE event

Come out and be part of sacred community

Traditions worldwide honor the Equinox.   Like the space just at the moment of sunset and the space just at the moment of sunrise, the equinox is that space which functions like a door opening to the spirit world.


It’s a time prayers are heard, a time to speak to our ancestors, a time to release what doesn’t serve us as we head into the season of darkness. (equinox to solstice). 

Join us in mediation, ritual, drum, dancing and feasting together.

Here’s the schedule of Events


Part One: Silent Meditation


Arrive between 6:15 and 6:45pm   


You’re entering sacred space with sacred intention.  You’ll be greeted and escorted to the fire where we circle together to be in silent meditation.  This is preparing our mind and aligning with the sacred intent of the evening.


Part Two:  Agni Hotra ceremony 7:06pm


This is a fire ceremony performed at the exact moment of sunset.  Using an inverted copper pyramid, dung from sacred cows, ghee and rice, we do a call and response mantra at that exact moment releasing offering into the fire.


It has been said and even documented the powerful effects of performing Agni Hotra.  It brings abundance to the land, dispels obstacles in life, and overall helps life flourish around you.


The ritual takes but a few minutes to perform and is very powerful.


Part Three: Equinox Release and Rebirth Ritual


We then move into he Equinox Ritual.  We’ll begin with a story that engages our inner psyche and aligns us with sacred intent. You’ll be led through a ritual of releasing what no longer serves you and stepping into the Radiant Self within you.  We’ll do this together, embodying this sacred space within, allowing it to permeate our whole body and consciousness.  Then begins the festivities.



Part Four:  Drum, Music, Dance and Potluck Yumminess


We then begin the drums, the music and together our feet will pound the earth with great reverence as we celebrate and journey into the darkness (equinox to solstice) together.

This is a potluck and kid friendly event:


Feel free to bring a dish or snacks to share or come without.  Alcohol is permitted after we complete the ceremonies.  This is a time of celebration and ask you’re mindful with usage.

See Below for FAQ's

This is a free event…. Please RSVP so we know how many to prepare for.  Once you RSVP we’ll send you the exact address.

Event is located in Lake Tapps, WA

Limited to 50 persons

RSVP by filling out the form.  PLEASE indicate in subject line this is for Equinox Event

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Frequently asked questions

Can I come at anytime?

Yes! Feel free to come at anytime during the event. If you come during a ceremony please enter quietly and mindfully.

Can Kids Come?

Absolutely! This is a kid friendly event and what a magical thing to introduce them to.

Will there be plant medicine offered?

Nope. We do not provide plant medicine. You can see our view on plant medicine in our sites FAQ's. During this event, we invite you to be sober throughout the ceremonies. Join us for the silent meditation before hand and the rituals. This is a powerful and magical evening as is.

Is Alcohol permitted?

Alcohol is permitted after the ceremonies. We're here to celebrate together. We ask you be mindful of its usage as this is a family friendly event. The intention is to bring community together, to share in the rhythms of nature, to connect, learn and grow together on this magical journey of life.

Can I bring people?

Yes. Feel free to bring friends, family or those with a sincere intention to connect in a sacred community. We ask you let us know how many you wish to bring so we're prepared. Thank you.