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Solstice To Equinox

Shamanic Journey

Stepping Into Your Medicine

This is a three month guided journey that prepares you for a three day Vision Quest on the Fall Equinox. 

This is an initiatory journey of stepping into your unique gifts and honoring your authenticity of Spirit.  This authentic expression is what is known as your medicine.  It is said we each come into this world with a song and that we are that song.  The journey is about learning it and sharing it with the world.


Over the next three months you’ll be guided through a series of shamanic journeys amongst the forest, experience the profound growth from “circle work” or way of council as we gather around the fire, and learn the techniques and tools to carry your “medicine” in a sacred way so you yourself and others honor it.


We meet twice a month as a group within a Wilderness area. These 6 to 8 hour wilderness excursions guide you through ancient forest where you experience tailored shamanic journeys to awaken the hidden aspects of yourself ready to surface. 

You'll immerse your senses in the sensations, sounds, smells, and presence of an ancient forest.  Experience a re-wilding of Spirit as we tune our ear to the living Earth and wild authentic nature of soul.  It is in this experience of Re-wilding that we come into direct contact with who we are and the unique song we have to bring into the world.

A Profound Rites of Passage

We'll allow the animal paths guide to us. We'll fox walk amongst huge ferns, navigate through refreshing creeks and rivers, crawl upon and often under fallen old growth trees. We become part of the forrest relatives and in turn they become our messengers revealing through symbology and mythic like experiences the deeper stirrings of soul.

In this you experience a Rites of Passage which is a shifting into a new understanding and relationship with Self.

Learn The Tools To Navigate Your Inner Terrain
Through these journeys you begin to listen to what's going on within you in a more meaningful way and you come into contact with both your wounds and your strengths.  You gain the tools and techniques to navigate the inner terrain of your Shadow Self who holds the stories, narratives, and beliefs keeping you small and limited.  Through these experiences you discover how to harness your strengths and live them.  You learn how to carry your medicine in a sacred way.

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Learn The Practical Tools To Vision Quest

These three months are designed to provide you the practical skills and shamanic techniques to experience a powerful three day vision quest where you spend three days alone in the wilderness immersed in ritual, fire tending and personal discovery.

You’ll learn the primitive skills such as making friction fire.  You’ll learn how to tend a fire in a sacred manner with meditation, drumming, inner journeying techniques and ritual.  Everything leads to providing you the experiences to shed limitations, deepen your connection, and ground in a new awareness of SELF and the path you're traveling.  Gain clarity with where you are on your path and tools to navigate your unique terrain.


 You’ll learn the practical and shamanic tools to experience a powerful vision quest.

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What's a vision quest?

A vision quest is a time honored initiatory process found in multiple cultures worldwide.  It is used when one is ready to let go of an old paradigm of Self and firmly root in a more expanded one.  Through the experiences one has during their vision quest, one journeys through the hidden aspects of oneself, transcends fears, wounds and limitations, and discovers a greater capacity of Self.   After the quest, one experiences a profound shift in one's personal identity where you're grounded in your strengths and authenticity. 


What's a Vision Quest Entail?

It begins with months of preparing the mind and heart.  When the initiate is ready, they are guided into the forest or desert to a specific spot.  A circle is formed and they stay within this circle for three days.  During those days one fasts, meditates, does ritual and give offerings to a fire they brought to life through primitive methods and tends in a sacred manner.  On the end of the third day the guide appears with a special stew which is both delicious, nutritious and easily digestible.  The initiate is guided out of the wilderness joining the other initiates where they experience an initiatory ceremony to mark their transition. 

Post Vision Quest

You receive two private sessions after your Vision Quest and we have a group phone session to share our personal experiences and how we've integrated the experience into our lives.

The connection and friends you make on this journey often become life long connections.


What's Included

This journey includes six 6 to 8 hour shamanic nature excursions each month that leads to a three day vision quest. ($900 Value)

You also receive seven personalized mentoring in-between our group sessions to tailor your journey and guide you deeper into your own experience. ($875 Value)


Dates & Times:

10am to 5pm

July: 13th & 27th

Aug: 10th & 24th

Sept: 7th

Vision Quest: Sept 19th, 20th, 21st& 22nd


Located at our Primitive camp at the base of Mt Adams.

40 minutes from Hood River OR...

1 hour 45 minutes from Portland OR

3 hours 45 minutes from Tacoma WA


$997 Single Payment Or

$250/month x 4 months

(Other payment options may be available. Contact us)

Why is Your Investment less then estimated value?

If we could, we'd offer these on donation only. However, you can see the amount of energy, time attention to detail and resources we invest in guiding your journey.  We lower the investment to make it as available as we can while honoring the resource it takes to offer these.


You'll want to be in decent physical health as we'll be hiking over uneven terrain, climbing onto huge logs, crawling amongst the ferns and so forth.

Must schedule a phone interview.  We interview everyone before accepting them on this journey as it's deep work.  In this interviews we'll assess your physical health, your intentions for joining us and get to know you and your journey. 

We're unable to accept those with Diabetes at this time due to the remoteness of where we'll be.

Who's Guiding This? Click Here

How To Join:

This journey is limited to only 8 participants. 

To join:

1. Email us at and share why you'd like to join

2. We'll then schedule a 30 minute phone interview (Free)

3. You'll then receive an invitation to join us and further details if it's the right fit

Have Questions?   Email us at

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