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Support, Guidance

& Emotional Mentoring

Get the Support, Healing, and Guidance During times of struggle

Take a weekly walk with a Shaman

Healing and growth happens on multiple levels.  Bringing these together enable you to have the greatest movement

There's a sense of magic and coming home within these sessions.  

One-on-one sessions to help you navigate the mental and emotional landscape you travel during hard times.

These sessions tailor to your needs, wants and unique path. 


We find some want to learn how to manage their emotions and mental space so they're no longer derailed and can begin to navigate and find their way through their experience.  


Others just want to be heard, to be in safe and sacred space to express and experience what's coming up for them.

 We connect outside amongst Nature...  to tap into Her healing properties, smells, colors, and presence.  We walk allowing Spirit and each session to guide us. 


 Honoring your needs and wants, we may draw upon and integrate the below into your session.  

  • Learn how to have greater control of your mental & emotional states

  • Neutralize those "triggers" that trigger you into those states

  • Be Fully Heard

  • Someone who can hold safe and sacred space for you to experience and share whatever you need

  • Someone who knows how to ask you the right questions to lovingly lead you to your innate wisdom, truth and inner strength

  • Phone, Text, Email Support when you need it

Using nature as our sacred space, we connect outdoors where nature reminds us of the inherent wisdom, love, and healing within us.

The weather, season, and animals that present themselves often provide the perfect backdrop for that session.  It's part of the magic.

The Advantage of an initiated Shaman is you gain a mentor who received  professional training AND has been mentored through his own shadow world and been initiated after DEMONSTRATING competence so he may help you navigate your inner landscape and come home within yourself.

You step out of the limitations of a clinical room and gain a greater resource of tools, wisdom, and practices from traditions that's been around for thousands of years.  

  • Tool Basket of healing modalities from Ayurveda, Herbal Medicine, Dietary, Health Rituals and so forth

  • Shamanic Modalities such as medicine drum, knowing which mantras to chant, which rituals to perform and deities to speak with... breath techniques, Energy healing etc. See below for more info

  • We guide through storytelling, humor, inquiry, and nature... Not telling you the answers but leading you through an experience to discover your own understandings

How does it work?

We begin with an introduction.  Use the form to introduce yourself and share a bit of your story and the benefits you feel you'll gain from having one-on-one support.  

We'll then schedule a FREE 30 minute phone session to connect and you can experience the quality of mentoring and ensure it feels like the right fit for you.  

Next, we'll schedule our first session 

Location, Cost, etc...

Use the Form below.... Please indicate in the Subject line this is for A Walk With A Shaman

Thanks! Message sent.


Most sessions & walks will most likely be held at parks in your area.


Walks can be 30 to 90 minutes long and depends on your needs.  


$35 - $75/session


We guarantee all of our sessions, workshops, and courses.  If for whatever reason you're dissatisfied, let us know and we'll happily provide you a full refund.

We stand 100% behind all our offerings

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