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Time To Re-Align

Can you relate with this?


Do you ever feel it’s challenging to find your center and/or consistently live from it?


Have you craved learning and adopting the routines and mindfulness practices that will make it simple and easy to ground you in a deeper sense of connection?  Would you like to have a greater sense of continuity with your life path?

Would you like to step out of the unseen patterns that seem to lock you in recurring cycles?


If so, you’ll likely want to take advantage of this special mentoring package that weaves together Ayurveda, Mindful Meditations, & Ancestral Perspectives .

So many feel they’re living a half-life… there’s something missing and unsure how to align with that potential and connection they know is within them.


In this series, you experience shifting into a sense of continuity with your life path and a greater sense of grounded connection even amongst the obligations of life.  How valuable would that be for you?

It is said we each come into the world with a unique song and within this song is our gift and unique voice the world needs but few people know their song…  few people know how to nourish this song so we may fully experience the vision wanting to be dreamed through us.

Here's What's Included:

You receive two sessions a month for the price of one.  You'll experience each of our core sessions we offer including the Ayurveda-Shamanic Reading, The Aligned Self, The Karma Cleanse, Limiting Belief Destroyer and The Clarity Session. Click Here to learn more.

Instead of just receiving these as separate sessions however, we weave them together in such a way that each week you experience deepening your sense of connection, releasing patterns no longer serving you and stepping into greater sense of alignment and flow.

Each session, I guide you through a mindfulness meditation providing you the inside techniques to simplify and experience deeper states of meditation that will provide lasting effects throughout the day.

I will also guide you in a short and simple ritual each session that nourishes your heart, cleanses your mind and energetic state and provides a powerful sense of connection and continuity with your life and path.


Each week I provide a simple questionnaire and during our session we reveal the principles of Ayurveda at play in your life so you can easily see and interact with them.  I then guide you through one of our core sessions so you EXPERIENCE coming home within yourself as you gain the understandings and simple techniques to ground, connect, and experience a sense of continuity on your own.

In this way, all the distractions, distortions, and random flows of your energy fall away and you experience your energies merging into a single flow.

How It Works

Begin with a Free phone Consultation.  Lets get on the phone and connect with where you are, current challenges and patterns and how you may begin to find greater connection.  It's free and there's no obligation to enroll.

If it feels aligned, we'll then schedule your sessions twice a month (every other week).  

Each session

  • We'll begin with a simple ritual to cleanse, ground and connect

  • Then I guide you through a mindfulness meditation

  • We'll next review your short questionnaire and connect with how you're doing and the successes you're experiencing each week

  • I'll then guide you through one of our core sessions

  • We'll complete each session with our Aligned Self Meditation so you're consistently coming home within yourself and living from this space. We'll provide simple techniques to apply this week

This is a Three Month Mentorship 

Normal Cost $900

NOW ONLY $197/month For three months

(SAVE $309.00)


Get Two sessions/month for basically the price of one!

Got Questions? Email us at


Click Here to Schedule a Free Consultation with Chivito.  We'll explore your intentions, current challenges and if this mentor package is the right fit.  

100% Money Back Guarantee

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