Improving Your Relationship through Ayurveda & Shamanism

An Introductory course to better communication, connection, and journeying together

Every couple, whether you've been in a long term marriage or you're in a new relationship, will benefit from these basic skills and awarenesses.

In this Intro Course, you’re going to learn little bite size insights from Ayurveda and Shamanism.  You'll discover a heart based way of understanding, supporting, and connecting with each other and you'll be able to see the immediate effects of applying what you learn.

About Intro To Improving Your Relationship

Intro To Improving Your Relationship

Intro To Improving Your Relationship

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You'll Learn:

  1. One of the #1 causes that begin to breakdown a relationship and the simple steps to instead strengthen it.

  2. The Three Pillars to having an amazing relationship… identify which ones may be weak and how to strengthen them.

  3. Greatly improve your ability to communicate.

  4. How to neutralize & heal the “triggers” in your relationship that causes upset.

  5. How to relate and communicate from each other’s place of center rather than from anger or other emotions.

  6. How to lovingly guide your relationship and honor the sacredness of each other's journey as you travel through life together.

Through the Lens of Ayurveda & Shamanism (Click Here For Video)


You may consider how the strength, quality, and health of any relationship is determined on your ability to relate, connect, and communicate.

Any imbalance within the relationship stems from one of these breaking down and often leaves partners feeling unheard, some as if they're living separate lives, and many struggle feeling their needs aren't being fulfilled while others simply feel unhappy or disconnected.