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Improving Your Relationship through Ayurveda & Shamanism

An Introductory course to better communication, connection, and journeying together

Every couple, whether you've been in a long term marriage or you're in a new relationship, will benefit from these basic skills and awarenesses.

In this Intro Course, you’re going to learn little bite size insights from Ayurveda and Shamanism.  You'll discover a heart based way of understanding, supporting, and connecting with each other and you'll be able to see the immediate effects of applying what you learn.

About Intro To Improving Your Relationship

Intro To Improving Your Relationship

Intro To Improving Your Relationship

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You'll Learn:

  1. One of the #1 causes that begin to breakdown a relationship and the simple steps to instead strengthen it.

  2. The Three Pillars to having an amazing relationship… identify which ones may be weak and how to strengthen them.

  3. Greatly improve your ability to communicate.

  4. How to neutralize & heal the “triggers” in your relationship that causes upset.

  5. How to relate and communicate from each other’s place of center rather than from anger or other emotions.

  6. How to lovingly guide your relationship and honor the sacredness of each other's journey as you travel through life together.

Through the Lens of Ayurveda & Shamanism (Click Here For Video)


You may consider how the strength, quality, and health of any relationship is determined on your ability to relate, connect, and communicate.

Any imbalance within the relationship stems from one of these breaking down and often leaves partners feeling unheard, some as if they're living separate lives, and many struggle feeling their needs aren't being fulfilled while others simply feel unhappy or disconnected.



Ayurveda shares there's a six stage process of disease and these imbalances begin as small wounds or moments of being dissatisfied that accumulate over time.


Unresolved, they begin to fester and spread discontent into other areas of the relationship.



We discover little things trigger us into a mental-emotional space and we begin to react, behave, and think from this contracted space distorting our ability to connect. 

Where once the two of you related and shared easily together, strain builds and communication becomes more challenging. That quality time you use to love sharing seems to fall away as the imbalance becomes chronic patterns we call a self-defeating loop.

Can you see why it's so important to lovingly lead your

relationship back to balance now?

Isn't it amazing how small things can turn into chronic conditions creating more wounds?

Nourish Your Relationship


Through this intro course:

  • You'll learn these magical and nourishing bite size insights that will allow you to begin improving your relationship in REAL-TIME.

  • You'll learn how to navigate the common pitfalls and how to have a greater sense of connection and communication with one another so you're both heard and received.

  • You'll learn how to lovingly guide your relationship into a sacred partnership knowing how to support and journey together.

This intro course provide the core basics every couple should know and will have a profound impact.

How It Works and What It Entails

This is an Introductory Online course

1.  Buy the course below

2.  Receive an email with your access link

3.  Login to your course

4.  Material is provided in a check sheet with clear step-by-step format

5. You're shown how to apply each insight to your relationship

6. Apply it and watch your relationship improve

YOU'RE 100% SUPPORTED...  Email us with any questions or book a session when needed.




10 Tutorial Videos, two guided meditations, inspiring articles, clear instructions on how to apply it, self-inquiry sheets to help make the wisdom specific to your relationship and the skills and awareness with how to have greater control guiding your relationship to where and how you want it to be.

Go at your own pace, access from any device, and have

full email support

100% Money Back Guarantee 

No matter the reason, let us know within 14 days and we'll happily refund your money.  Our code is focused on value. 

Only $33

Buy It Now & Start It At Anytime!

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Fill out the form. IN THE SUBJECT LINE please indicate this is for Intro to Improving Relationships so we know which course/event you're referring to.

We'll typically respond within 24 hours.  We may be in a Wilderness Immersion and hence take a day or two.  Thank you for your understanding.

We look forward to hearing from you! OM! 

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