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Elk Clan

The Sacred Men's Project

This is Elk Clan.  Elk teaches us of camaraderie of Men, of honoring our inner nobility of soul, and how to heighten our senses and embody our wild awake nature.  Elk teaches us of stamina and how to pace ourselves and honor our needs so we can bring forth our medicine to our families and communities.

The Sacred Men's Project is focused on revitalizing the cultural ways of gathering together as men, of being in council and adventuring so we may remember the authentic spirit within.  It's providing the rites of passage experiences for men to shed the stories, wounds and beliefs and grow into the genuine vision we have of showing up in the world.

I’m inviting you to a special gathering… to venture into the wilderness with fellow men on a powerful and sacred journey.  To experience what it is to walk like a deer amongst the forest… to hear with it’s ears… to see like that of an owl… to flow like the salmon up river… to howl like brother wolf... to remember our connectedness with the wild things.

I'm inviting you to feel the primal rhythm of the elk skin drum... to speak into the crackling fire and hear what it has to speak to you... to remember the camaraderie of men as we gather in council, as we adventure into forest, as we avail ourselves to the wildness of soul and together remember the "medicine" we carry so we may return to the world imbued in our strength and authentic spirit. 

Men's Scout Club

Father & Son

Nature Journey

Youth Wilderness

Rites of Passage


These regular gatherings help us men reconnect with ourselves, the wildness, and with nature.  We gather around the fire, we journey into forest, we hone in core wilderness and sense skills that both inspire connection and tend to the sacred fire within us.


Inviting our son's and young men into the circle of inspired men has been a lost custom and is so needed in today's world.  These gatherings provide a healthy model for our youth for what it is to be Men, to inspire core values, and help them discover their own vision of who they are and how spirit is dreaming them into the world.  It is an opportunity for fathers to connect with their sons and form a relationship that will last a life time.


We provide youth rites of passage retreats and mentoring.  A rites of passage helps youth have the experiences of discovering their strengths, their weaknesses so they'll honor them, and discover the unique gifts they have to bring into the world.  Then they return to the basecamp where community gather to witness them and say "I see you and your gifts". 

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Men's Retreats & Rites of Passage


Join us for multiple day retreats and wilderness rites of passage.  These adventures guide us into the forest and into soul.  We weave in the cultural elements that awaken the wild nature within us as well as a deep and sacred connection with the natural world and each other.  These journey's guide us through soul and invite us to step through the veils and into a more expanded paradigm of self and life.


Step outside the clinical walls and step back into the forest that breathes deep connection and "remembering."  Our mentoring sessions go beyond "talk Therapy" and offer the techniques and processes to move through, to connect, and re-align. Release what doesn't serve you, learn new techniques that do serve you and feel a sense of continuity on your path in life.


When we lived in an intact society, our youth had Elders and Mentors they could go to.  They weren't talked at but allowed the experiences the youth were having to reveal what was to be shared and provide them the tools, deeper understanding, and mentoring so they could navigate their inner and outer worlds.

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