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The Mind Detox

The Preliminary training for anyone begins with the mind

As Your Mind, So Is Your Life

Ayurveda, Eastern Psychology and Shamanism, when you get down into the roots of it, reveal a very practical way of living.  It's a way of using our minds that we nourish our sense of presence, connection and enables us to live from our potential. 


It can be seen how the average person allows their mind and emotions to become hijacked.  Moment by moment we're exposed to things that trigger us into different mental-emotional states.

When we experience this, it's as if life is happening to us as if we're on a whimsical roller coaster taking us for a ride.


Through the Mind Detox, you learn how to take back control so you may remain grounded within your center.  You discover how to interact with people and situations that would otherwise trigger you into an adverse mental-emotional state.  

We all have a story we're living out and in this we have micro stories we use to bind ourselves.  These are called beliefs. Have you noticed how many of our beliefs limit us and keep us in patterns and situations that are not serving us?

The first part of one’s journey, no matter what tradition or spiritual lineage you adhere to, is unlearning.  It is releasing ourselves from all that no longer serves us.  These are the beliefs, stories, triggers, patterns and mindsets that keep us in a limited reality.

"I was shocked to discover how many limiting beliefs I had that were affecting me every day.  Since doing The Mind Detox I've noticed significant changes in my relationships, my sense of self and even my health.  I'll use what I learn here my whole life! Thank you so much!"

Lola, Austin TX

The Mind Detox weaves together the time proven principles and techniques from Ayurveda, Eastern Psychology, Neurolinguistics, and Neuroscience. 


It translates these into simple practical action steps.  As you apply these, you're able to gauge your results in real-time!

Through The Mind Detox You Will Learn:

How to neutralize triggers so you don't collapse into an adverse mental-emotional state


How to step out of an adverse mental-emotional state and re-ground in your center


How to remain grounded and in control when confronted with triggers, people or situations


Mind-Care... how to nourish and support the mind so it naturally moves to keep you balanced and in control


How to identify and transcend limiting beliefs and patterns and adopt those that empower you


How to reduces stress, anxiety, and fear and remain calm, grounded and connected throughout the day and when confronted by those things that cause stress and anxiety


Words & Language Patterns... Discover which ones are hurting you and taking away your power.  Learn the ones that empower you and how to have greater influence to experience more of what you want


How To Improve Your Relationships...  By learning how to remain grounded and aligned, you discover how to bypass common triggers and upsets so you may better communicate, experience more intimate connection and get your needs met within your relationships

"The Mind Detox opened my eyes!  I had no idea how much I was giving my power away.  I'm so thankful for this course.  Chivito provides really simple and clear steps that changes how to look at your self-worth and holds you accountable to own your worth with such ease and grace.  It is life changing how empowering it is to have someone share how worthy we really are and to own it." 

Natasha, San Fransisco

The Mind Detox is our intensive immersion where you receive professional training on the techniques and principles of Neurolinguistics, Ayurveda, & Eastern Psychology.

The Mind Detox includes Eight modules and lovingly guides you in grounding, releasing the mind of the automated patterns and chatter, adopting new mindsets and patterns that support you and gaining the tools to be in control of your mental-emotional states.

  • Live in your power, cultivate your strengths, honor your intuition, voice, and harness your potential to live the life you envision
  • Proven modalities/techniques to unblock yourself or others and establish genuine lasting change 
  • Improve your relationships & family life
  • Know how to identify and resolve what stops you from getting what you want in life
  • Overcome patterns such as self-sabotage, people pleasing, collapsing healthy boundaries, etc 
  • Transcend limiting beliefs and social programming so to honor your worth, your strengths & personal values
  • Learn how to receive, how to ask for help, how to get your needs met
  • Learn new words and language patterns to be more influential, to unite others, to get more of what you want, and to empower others and oneself​​

"I learned how to hold space for myself and communicate my needs within my relationship.  It was incredible how by shifting my "inner state" it shifted our relationship immediately!  It has allowed us to step back from reacting and begin relating together.  Thank you!"


Vanessa, Seattle WA

Here's how it works & what it entails

The Mind Detox is providing one of the most essential resources for taking control of your mental-emotional states and learning to be more effective in any area of your life.


  • An intuitive & inspiring online course curriculum

  • Humorous & practical tutorial videos

  • Lessons integrate wisdom tales, deep questioning, and easy step-by-step actions to apply in everyday living

  • Guided meditations

  • Articles full of inspiration & practicality 

  • Action maps with how to apply lessons

  • Healing rituals

  • Mentors you can reach out to

  • Full Email support!!!

How To Get Started

The Mind Detox is our intensive training  and is for those who are hungry to learn and make the changes to have greater control of their mental-emotional state as well as the tools to manage the challenges of life.

To get started, we recommend beginning with a phone session.  In this session we'll explore what you're looking to learn, what you're experiencing right now and identify the core blocks or challenges preventing you from experiencing what you want.  We'll then share what you can do and explore whether The Mind Detox is the right path.  Fill out the form, tell us about you and why you're interested in the Mind Detox.  We'll then schedule a phone session.

Otherwise, if you're ready to dive in, you can purchase it below and get started.  

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Here's What You Can Do!
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  3. Gain Access to FULL COURSE
  4. Begin first module including videos, guided meditations and actions maps
Start it at anytime, go at your own pace, jump ahead, return to earlier modules... Enjoy! ​
Our No Risk
100% Money Back Guarantee

Signup below and try us for 30 days!  If for whatever reason it's not for you, we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Buy it now, start it when you're ready, go at your own pace and come back to it again and again!

Detox The Mind, De-stress, and Re-Empower!

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