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The Hoop Path

Pathway of aligning with the 4 stages of the sacred hoop path

Gain entrance to the sacred hoop and harness the gifts readily available to you

This is a pathway of apprenticing to how the four stages of the sacred hoop are uniquely being expressed through you. This is a cycle you revolve through every two months or so.

You'll learn how to identify which stage you're in, how to prepare for the next, and how to harness the gifts and strengths of each stage so you may experience consistent growth and flow on your path.

This is one of the most important learning pathways to take because you shift from life unexpectedly happening to you to becoming empowered to harness the cyclic flow of your personal hoop cycle and hence live in the place of your center.


We’re all part of nature and yet instead of living in rhythm with the cyclic stages we all revolve through, most fight against them.  We find many begin an endeavor with good intentions only to consistently be derailed and feel as if they’re regressing or starting all over again. 

Have you ever experienced feeling balanced and connected.  Then times of feeling focused and motivated.  Have you then also experienced feeling like you got derailed and felt unmotivated, heavy, and even depressed?

When we don't know how to flow "with" our personal hoop cycle, we experience life knocking us about.  It's as if you're on a roller coaster you can't get off of.


When we align with the cyclic rhythm, however, we gain entrance to a source of strength, flow, and consistency.  What we’re doing here is apprenticing to the cycles of nature and learning how to harness the strengths and gifts each of the four stages provides.


What It Entails

This is a personalized learning pathway.  You are mentored over a 3 month period where you learn through direct experience.


You receive

  • Two private sessions each month. (six total)

  • Online Course with charts, articles, videos & resources

  • Email, Text & Phone Support throughout your journey



Monthly payments available

$500/month for 3 months

$375/month for 4 months


How To Start

Fill out the form and share why this resonates and what you hope to get from the session.  We'll then schedule a free 15 minute interview to connect with you, dial in your intention and goals, share details and answer any questions.   We'll then schedule the session at a an area close to you.

If you have questions, use the form. Much Gratitude!


Thanks! Message sent.

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