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Karma Cleanse

There are multiple levels of Karma at play in our life right now. These play out in our relationships, health, and life experiences. Most, however, are unaware of their karmic patterns and so they get caught in recurring struggles and experiences in their relationship.

Karma literally translates as “Action” but what it reflects is the energetic signature left woven within our mental-spiritual body that directly influences our present life experiences.  This “karmic signature” veils our actions and mindsets that are re-enforcing the same karmic energy.


The good news is you can cleanse your Karma and step out of a repeating karmic cycle.  You can learn how to shift your karma and hence experience greater connection, intimacy, and “relating” in your relationship.

The elders and Great Babas share it is our relationships that provide us one of the greatest opportunities for spiritual and personal growth.  Many come together as a couple to unknowingly help each other move through their karma.  Imagine learning the karma at play in your relationship and how to shift it so to experience the quality of relationships you want to have.  


The primary challenge with relationships is that over time couples unconsciously condition each other with how to respond and engage with one another.  When conditioned through these karmic patterns, this often creates automated patterns of disconnect, struggle, and miscommunication preventing them from authentically communicating and relating with one another.  Fortunately, if you address these early enough you can heal and strengthen your relationship.  If not, however, it's like water that freezes in the cracks of a rock and breaks it apart.

For most people, these are invisible to them for they are always looking out their own eyes.


The problem is that the exact paths of awakening are blocked by received ideas, early life traumas and over-adaptation to the needs of others.


Are you ready to discover the karmic patterns at play and learn how to have the kind of connection, intimacy and quality of relationship 

you want to have?


This class reveals some of the immediate karma at play in your relationship right now and provides new understanding and techniques to make the karmic shifts and open the space for healing, renewed connection and intimacy.

The specific karma we address in this class is ways of relating and communicating with one another.  When you discover the patterns at play and apply what you learn, you experience your relationship shift.  It opens the door to make the subtle changes that’ll provide greater understanding, connection and improve your relationship.

Learn Core Skills:

  • How to identify core karmic patterns at play in your relationship right now

  • How to break free from karmic patterns

  • How to adopt the mindsets, understandings and ways of relating that provide the quality of relationship, intimacy and connection you want to have

  • Non-Violent Communication (Learn the words and language patterns to AVOID and the one’s that’ll improve understanding and connection)

  • Learn The Way Of Council which is a powerful medium for everyone to communicate and be heard and to inspire authentic dialogue with others.

  • How to improve connection, intimacy, and quality of your relationship

Click Here To Learn More about your Facilitator and from what knowledge base and traditions you'll be learning from.


Like all our classes... we venture into nature, gather around the fire, and using traditional methods of storytelling, soulful dialogue and through guided experiences we reveal practical application of lessons so instead of learning information, it become an intuitive part of you.



April 27 & 28


10:00am to 5pm



$350/couple (save $44)


Just pass the Carbon River Ranger station at the base of Mt Tahoma.  

1hr 30 minutes from Seattle or Tacoma


You have the option to camp out with us for FREE or return home and join us the next day.  We'll spend the evening around the fire, experience enchanting and inspiring storytelling, soulful dialogue, and be nourished by the forest and glacial river just feet away.  

How to Apply:

All our offerings are by invite only.  Please email us by using the form and share why this offering resonates with you and what you hope to get from it.  Feel free to ask any questions as well.  We'll then schedule a 15 minute phone interview to connect, share more details, and answer any questions you have.  If accepted, you'll then receive an invitation to join us on the call.  There is no obligation to join the class if accepted.

Please put "Relationship Karma Cleanse" in the subject line as we have multiple offerings happening right now. 

Much Gratitude

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