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Sacred Seed Clan

An entire forest begins with a single seed

We are the one's we've been waiting for. We're the seeds for a more connected and conscious world. 

The Sacred Seed Clan is those people who are contributing to a more connected and conscious way of being in the world through their personal healing, training, and maturing into their authentic expression of Spirit.  It's those modeling the cultural and ancestral methods within their family, relationships, work, and community. It's those who honor we are part of nature and are taking a conscious stand in the cyclic hoop of life.

We recognize the pathway to peace hence begins with us.

Below are our listings for upcoming Virtual Council Fires and our Live Gatherings & events.

Core Areas We Explore Are:

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Cultural Restoration

When we lived in an intact culture we had ways of relating with one another, of honoring the gifts each carry, of greeting the day and harvesting the stories of the day.  These practices provide a safe and inspiring sense of belonging where we may mature into our gifts and authentic expression


Compassionate Heart Challenge

Learn the ways of cultivate your own compassion, understanding, and ability to respond from a place of connection rather than react and become victim of your own wounds. We draw from the ancestral and cultural wisdom from around the world who naturally embody Ahimsa Non-violence of thought, action, word, and energy.

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Way of Council

Way of council reveals a profound way of active listening, allow others and yourself to be heard, a way of speaking and being in relation rather than adversarial. 

Way of council provide incredible healing and supporting one another to have an authentic voice.

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Social Permaculture

Observing nature and drawing from the cultural and ancestral perspectives we learn how to design connection within our social structures that nourish connection, sustainability, and affluence.

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Emotional Intelligence

Gain deeper insight into your own emotional intelligence.  Discern your emotions/energy from others, how to communicate them clearly, support others in discerning their experience and providing a clear language so we may respond from awareness, understanding and compassion vs merely react and perpetuate karmic cycles.


Mind Detox

The primary way we limit ourselves is through our beliefs, stories, wounds, and sense of identity.  Our untamed minds are ruled by impulse, cravings, triggers and stimuli.  We explore how to take back the reins and have control, harness the mind, and mature into our potential.  Learn how to help others do the same.

We share in a traditional way that weaves together storytelling, deep inquiry, soulful dialogue, mentoring, and ritual.

We provide a core focus and inspired content and provide the space to share, be mentored, and dive deeper into the material through group discussion.


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Virtual Council Fire

Join us live from anywhere & receive recordings

Join us twice a month a Conference Call.  We'll explore a specific focus, have Q&A, and provide you a recording, worksheet, and ebook of the core content. Also includes free mentoring via email. 

2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month

6pm PST

$25/month Subscription (cancel anytime)

Gain access to previous calls, content, and ebooks


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Ayur-Shamanic Learning Circle

At The Vancouver Yoga Center

Join the 3rd Saturday of each month at the Vancouver Yoga Center where we explore together the principles of Ayurveda, Cultural Restoration, Shamanism, and ways of being in the world. 



Just come by... non pre-enrollment necessary

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Sacred Seed Fire Gathering

Coming Soon

Gather around the fire in the old ways. Giving offerings, greeting and being in soulful dialogue, and through storytelling and deep inquiry we draw out the learnings and how to carry them into our everyday lives.

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