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Seasonal Support

Imagine the difference it'll make having a soulful group and a solid person you can connect with during the holidays. 

The Holidays can be a tough time for many.  There’s extra stress, emotions, obligations and running about. 

It's often a time of grief, stress and seasonal depression.


Plus the long dark and rainy days have a dramatic pull on most people affecting our mental-emotional well being.

Help yourself stay mentally and emotionally balanced through the Holidays

Be part of a group who circles together weekly in a sacred manner.  There's healing and power that comes from giving offerings to fire.  A nourishment that comes through mythic storytelling and being in soulful dialogue with others ready for support during the holidays. 

These are nourishing and healing gatherings where you're able to release, to heal, and to re-ground.  

Support Group

We weave together core skills to manage your mental-emotional states from the wisdom of Yoga Psychology and Ayurveda.   

  • Learn how to NOT collapse into your thoughts and emotions. 

  • Learn how to stay grounded and centered

  • Learn how to re-balance yourself when you do collapse in mental-emotional states

  • Discover how to be in conversation with your personal emotional experience and be in healthy relationship with it

  • Learn simple rituals and techniques to keep you balanced and grounded throughout the day, month and seasons

Each gathering we weave together soulful dialogue, core techniques, storytelling,

and shamanic healings. 

You'll leave each one feeling re-connected, nourished, and grounded.  You'll leave with new tools and methods to maintain balance on your own.



Tabor Space, Portland OR


Thursdays @ 6pm to 7:30pm

Starts: Nov 29th, 2018

Cost: $15 recommended donation

No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.  Just Come!

Team work

To RSVP or for questions: 

Email us at

Share you'd like to attend and if you're comfortable share a little of your story.


Want to chat with someone on the phone?


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