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The Sadhana of Siva

Our soul’s mind possess astonishing resources, untapped potentials and depths we might not even know exist until we discover how to access them, cultivate their powers, and eventually integrate them into our everyday lives.

Shiva Sadhana is an esoteric Shamanic Spiritual discipline of India that provides the techniques, mindsets, and understandings to tap these potentials and access these depths at will.  Through this practice you balance the feminine and masculine within and cultivate their powers, harness their gifts, and live in a greater sense of connection and flow.


Shiva is typically known as a Hindu Deity associated with male energy.  In the Shamanic tradition however, Siva and Shakti (the feminine energy) coexist as a singular state of consciousness.  Only by harnessing and cultivating the Shakti (feminine energy) do we learn to access and live within our potential.  All spiritual practices lead you to evolving into the state of Siva-Sakti known as “yoga” where your mind, awareness and spirit are in union. 

This state is comprised of three specific attributes.


  1.  The Observer (See Things As They Are undistorted)

  2. The Actor or Aware Participant (Aware of being aware within your storyline/flow of life without your mind being hijacked by emotions, circumstance or outside influences)

  3. The Creator (Ability to intentionally manifest and direct the flow of life vs life happening to you.


The Siva Sadhana also provides the awareness and training other practices don’t.  It reveals how to spot and decipher the symbols, signs, and triggers presenting themselves to you everyday.  You break free from the mass hypnosis and enter a more expanded awareness.  By doing so you’re able to firmly ground in your soul’s center.  From here you’re able to clearly see the influences at play and consistently make informed decisions.  In this way, instead of life happening to you at whim, you’re able to direct its flow and co-manifest the people, life, and experiences you want to have. You experience an expanded yet grounded and connected awareness.


More Details and Depth of What This Is:

It is said the universe cannot NOT be in alignment with you.  What this means is the universe is constantly aligning with the dominant frequency you’re resting in.  This is your baseline frequency which dictates the experiences you’ll have during your day, the conversations, encounters, and synchronicities.  


This frequency is created by

  1. The dominant thoughts you’re thinking during the day

  2. How frequently you're thinking those same thoughts

  3. The overall energy those thoughts are creating (anxiety, love, fear, etc)

  4. Your unconscious patterns, habits, and stories you have set on auto-pilot


Most spiritual traditions work backwards and hence why they take lifetimes to experience any real progress.  You start from a mental state you are not that… meaning your focus is I am not Siva I am less, I am struggling, I have so far to go etc.   The Western world is plagued by the inner critic “I am not enough.”


The three laws of mind are:

  1.  What you focus on grows

  2. As you focus, so you become

  3. As you become, so you experience


The Sadhana of Siva recognizes to attain a state of Siva Consciousness, one must first identify with what that looks like, feel like, and is like for you uniquely.  Having identified that, you’ll adopt the mindsets, routines, and mental techniques to support that state.  As you focus on this alignment you experience it.


By doing so, you naturally let go of the limiting patterns, mindsets, and life-defeating loops and also naturally begin to live in those that support you.



In The Sadhana of Siva, we meet every other week.  In these circles we practice core techniques, help to hold each other accountable for remembering to identify with our natural state (Siva) rather than identify with the mask we wear. 


You’ll learn core Tantric Awareness techniques, meditations, rituals and the inside wisdom that supports what you’re learning.


Again, everything we do is Results-Based which you can see the effects of in REAL-TIME.


This is a tradition and practices handed down to me by my teachers who were great Himalayan Babas.  


Also… within these circles we weave together the wisdom and principles of Ayurveda, Buddhism, Tantra, and Shamanism.  Everything we share was handed down to us and we were asked to bring this into the world.


My teachers said, with every elder that passes, we lose a living connection with that tradition.  They said to go and share this with those who are ready. 


This is our way of honoring them and the time, patience and persistence they had in training me over a six year period. 

If you are hungry to learn the Applied Awareness Techniques and Tantric Methods of Siva, then join us.



Location: TaborSpace

When: 1st & 3rd Monday of each month

TIME:  6:30pm ~ 8:00Pm

Cost: $15

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