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Helping a Stranger experience a Shamanic Awakening.

Helping a Stranger experience a Shamanic Awakening.

I was in a park this morning and met a young lady who looked like she just got out of a yoga class. We made eye contact and said hello. There are times I meet someone and they’re fully open to learn. She was one of these and she asked “Are you some kind of shaman healer or something?” I just smiled. Here’s our conversation and how I guided her to having a shamanic experience.

She said to me “you seem like you’re really grounded in yourself. You have those eyes that see through souls.”

I smiled softly and said “we all do really.”

She said “no, I don’t think so. I feel so blind and disconnected. I really want to connect to the spirit of things but all I get is that nature is cold and wet. it doesn’t say anything to me other than get my butt inside and warm up!”

I chuckled and said “Well, this may be because you’re not listening by feeling. You’re just listening without knowing what to listen for.”

“Well what am I suppose to listen for?” she asked both sarcastically and with curiosity.

I said “Nature doesn’t speak to us like you and I are speaking to each other in words. Spirit speaks in a much more subtle way that’s actually louder than words. You want to FEEL the communication as much as hear it.”

“What does that mean? How do I FEEL communication?”

I said “It’s similar to how you read a friend or family member when they come into the room you’re in. Consider how much you read by feeling their energy or seeing it. You might not see “energy’ but you can feel what kind of mental/emotional state they’re in right?”

She said “Yeah, I can do that.”

“The same is true with nature and spirit. I can show you a way of connecting and perceiving through a meditation and breathing exercise if you’d like me to show you.”

“I’d love that! yes please!” she said (I love how open and trusting people can be with me. So honored)

So not to get too detailed and write 5 pages I’ll just share I showed her a very specific kind of breathing technique that concentrates the breath and put her in direct contact with creating each movement of the breath in such a way it activates awareness within the breath itself.

I said “feel every subtle movement of the inhalation and exhalation. Make sure there’s no involuntary movement.”

I watched her and could see her awareness becoming super focused… I could literally see her connect and be aware of creating each movement of the breath. Incredible to witness!

Then I said, “now feel your body expand as you inhale and completely relax with each exhale.

Again, I watched as she experienced it

Then I shared how to expand not only as she inhaled, but how her exhalation became part of this sense of expansion so that instead of expanding and contracting, each inhale and exhale was expanding out of her heart center… so it was one continuous flow of her breath and consciousness extending out.

She suddenly exclaimed “WOW! I totally can feel this! It feels like the breath is alive by itself!”

I laughed and then said “Yes, Now stay focused!”

I had her then open her eyes and FEEL as she exhaled/inhaled how the trees and plants next to her were doing so with her.

Again she exclaimed “I totally feel it!!!”

“Good, stay focused!”

“I FEEL them!!!!”

“Good good, but stay focus” She was getting pretty excited but she continued as I instructed her.

Now stand up and walk amongst the plants and trees. Continue this breath and feeling the plants FEEL you. The more you practice this the more you’ll be able to connect with the spirit of not only plants and nature, but with other people.”

She began to walk amongst the park and she had tears in her eyes. While she was absorbed with a particular tree I continued on my way without saying goodbye. I knew spirit would do the rest and there was no need for goodbyes. I LOVE these kind of encounters. So magical!

I share this story because it was a special encounter but also to hopefully remind us all to pause, to breath and feel the life around us breath with us. The more we connect to the breath, the more life manifest around us with more harmony, more connection… OM!!!!

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