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Young Wolf & Water Bison

Young Wolf & Water Bison

One day Raz, the young wolf, was running through the forest when he came across a water bison wading into the river. Raz was running fast and as he approached the river’s edge he leaped onto the back of Water Bison using him to leap to the other side of the river. Water Bison yelled out “Hey! What’s the big idea young Wolf.” Have you no manners or respect?”

Raz skid to a stop and said “Have respect for a big ugly water bison like you? You’re lucky I don’t eat you and I chose only to step on your back to cross the river!”

Water Bison scowled at the young wolf and then suddenly softened as he began to chuckle to himself.

Raz was not one to be laughed at or be the butt of someone’s joke.

“What you laughing at?” asked Raz angrily

Water Bison said “Oh, I’m not laughing at you young wolf. I’m laughing how you’re a mirror with how I was once a strong young bull but also weak of mind like you are now.”

Raz was getting heated up. He considered himself a proud and strong young warrior. He did not like being called weak of mind.

“Who you calling weak? Do you want me tear you with my teeth? and then Raz growled at Water Bison revealing all his sharp teeth.

Water Bison didn’t appear scared. Instead he appeared like a loving grandpa amused by the clumsiness of a grandchild.

“So you’re a strong warrior are you?” asked Water Bison “Then tell me, what does it mean to be strong?”

Raz still growling said “It means I have the power to overcome and hold my ground.”

Water Bison smiled and asked “If this is so, how can you consider yourself so strong when you give your power away so easily?”

“What do you mean” asked Raz “How am I giving my power away?”

“Well,” said Water Bison “Are you not being controlled by your emotions? Look how easily you get provoked? Wouldn’t a strong warrior have more control of his mind and hold his ground without losing his sense of respect for others?”

Raz was now curious. He hadn’t thought how one’s strength came from controlling his mind, emotions and desires. He had thought it was only physical strength, his wit and how well he could bare his teeth. Raz remembered the Elder Warrior saying once “to be a strong warrior one must respect all creatures for we all share in the balance of life.”

“Tell me young Wolf. When you travel as a pack does not your leader follow in the rear instead of in the front?”

Raz replied to Water Bison “Yes, this is true. The leader follows in the rear.”

Water Bison asked “Why is this young wolf?”

Raz said “To protect the pack from our enemies. We allow the weak to lead so no one falls behind.”

And how does your pack gauge the strength of your warriors?

Raz said “It’s by how they work together to serve and help all members of the pack.”

“And What happens when a wolf no longer respects members of his Pack?” asked Water Bison.

Raz said he’s cast out and must fend for himself. He no longer has family and no longer respected by others. He does not survive long and finds himself alone without anyone he can trust.

Just then the leader of the pack, Hafiz, emerged from the bushes. He had been listening to the conversation. When Raz saw him he bowed low in respect. Water Bison also bowed his head in greeting.

Hafiz approached young Raz and said “We are only as strong as the weakest mind of the pack. A true warrior is one of inner discipline, who is able to maintain their state of mind and sense of Self regardless of circumstance or opposition. When you accomplish this, nothing will ever defeat you.”

He then looked at Water Bison and said “thank you old friend for teaching young Raz.

Raz became a strong warrior and lead many hunts and fought many battles. He never allowed his mind or emotions to claim him again. He respected all animals even those he killed in the hunt.

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