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Lucid Dreaming and

Astral Traveling Series

One of the most frequent request I receive is for a dream and astral travel retreat.


Join us around the virtual campfire and learn the techniques to intentionally step into lucid dreams and how to astral travel. 


For most, having a lucid dream or astral traveling is by chance and with little consistency.  Learn how to do it at will and even invite others into your dream space for a shared experience.

In This Series You'll Learn:

  • Techniques to recognize you're in a dream

  • Techniques to then ground in your dream so you're awake within the dream

  • How to consistently have lucid dreams and astral travel

  • How to astral travel and bring intention into where you travel to

  • How to prepare the mind and consciousness so you naturally enter them at will

  • How to dream travel with another person so you both experience and remember the same dream

  • The specific states your mind enters throughout the day, how to identify them and use them to your advantage to nourish dream states at night

The art of lucid dreaming and astral traveling is it’s own discipline.  It takes practice and requires preparing the mind and consciousness, practicing the techniques to recognize you’re dreaming and how to ground yourself within the dream so you’re awake within the dream and can consciously move about.

Lucid dreaming and Astral Traveling are two very different things and yet, the ways of entering them uses the same techniques and awarenesses.

These aren't something that just happen.  It's a discipline of how you engage your mind and how to be an active participant with your thoughts, energies, and overall state of consciousness not only as you enter dream or astral states, but throughout the day.  Without the discipline of knowing how to engage and activate these during the day, lucid dreams and astral traveling won't happen by your volition.

In this series you learn how to engage the mind, to lovingly lead your consciousness and energies so you're able to consistently activate these states, deepen your experience, and be a conscious participant within them.

Join the global village around the virtual campfire

We'll be setting dates for this campfire series soon.  Email us if you're interested

Each call is approximately 60 minutes.

We infuse storytelling, weekly techniques and practical applications along with stories from students who've applied what you're about to learn and what happened.

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