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Imbolc Fire Ritual

The White Serpent Initiation

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The Deeper What & Why of Imbolc

We’ve reached the midway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.  It’s a moment of great potency the ancestors tapped intoWhy?


In shamanic and ritualistic traditions this is when the dreaming seeds inside us begin to grow and put out shoots into the fecund soil our hearts wintered in.

What we're doing here is harnessing the womb magic of nature awakening.  In the Celtic Tradition it is re-kindling the fire that stirs new life and calls the sun back into the day


With drumming, fire, mythic poetry and beauty we're unburying our hearts from the fecund soil our hearts wintered in. 


By gathering together amongst the elements we have a felt experience of re-awakening our dormant selves. 


We experience opening ourselves that new dreamings may take up residency within and bloom through us.

The White Serpent Initiation
Reclaiming The Old Rituals That Went Into Hiding
A PG-13 Event

The White Serpent Initiation is a profound experience that holds the power to break spells and offers a felt shift of reclaiming a kind of sovereignty you may not have known was lost but has been felt within you.


What powers and dreamings have you unknowingly abandoned you can now make a home for within you again?


What dreamings of Self have been forgotten you may now restore relationship with?


The White Serpent Initiation is an old world ritual facilitated in the old traditions of gathering around the fire, storytelling that initiates the heart, reflective dialogue that restores our bone memory, drumming that reacquaints us to the Othernesss ever stewarding us on our path.

Why did old rituals go into hiding??? 


When Christianity brutally colonized and suppressed Indigenous Pagan Europe, many rituals and teachings went into hiding.  They were kept alive in secret by converting them into particular kinds of fairy tales and stories that could be passed on and when enacted as ritual, carried the power of initiation and remembrances

We're Reclaiming Our Rituals and Restoring Our Relationship with Nature Dreaming us

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What To Expect

We gather together in the forest around the fire brought to life by ritual and song.


We circle with respected Elders and Wisdom Keepers, youth becoming, and like spirited people in between.

There's drumming and fire ritual.  Nature Games and Reflections. 

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We enter into the story of the White Serpent and experience reflective storytelling that reveals the hidden and secret layers within the story that activates dormant parts in us and reveals new layers of ourselves... new pathways we hadn't considered.

We enact the story as ritual via Nature Play, soulful conversations, drumming and giving offerings into the fire.

At the end we celebrate together with sharing food, music, laughter and community.

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Gather with like spirited community around the fire for a celebratory day of ritual, drumming, reflective storytelling, nature and initiation

Saturday, Feb 4th 10am to 3pm
Followed by sharing in food and community



Bear Creek Heart Space
~ Carson WA

Address shared after registration

What To Bring

We'll be around the fire within a make shift fire shelter.  Bring layers of clothes suited for the weather and for playing amongst the trees and ferns.

Potluck: Bring some food to share after or even during.  Have snacks and water for during the event.

Date & Time

Saturday Feb 4th
10am to 3pm

Arrive by 9:45am

We begin at 10am sharp

Followed with potluck of sharing food and community time.

Bring food to share


RSVP Your Place Beside The Fire

Feb 4th 10am to 3pm



About Your Guide

Chivito Cowa

Chivito draws from a rich background of following a traditional learning trail, seeking out the elders and undergoing the intense rites of passage and initiations to gain an intimate relationship with the inner terrain we navigate. 

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