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Going Beyond Shamanism

Exiting Spiritual Kindergarten & Re-Acquainting with Old World Pathways

There are greater depths and potential available when you go beyond the limited identities and modern perspectives of "shamanism."

This is for those who are looking for depth and old world traditional knowledge. 

It's for those who want to go beyond surface level "information" and learn lineage based practices, original understandings and paths of cultivation that gift heightened awareness and abilities.

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It's said the ancestors are now inviting us back in but not everyone is going to gain entrance. To gain entrance requires an old way of listening.  Feel into these words and the hidden invitations within them.

Your Grandfather’s father

is inviting you,

here as the sun

breaks open

into the day


Your Grandmother’s mother

is inviting you in,

here as the full belly moon

shimmers on lake waters


The birch bark canoe

Is readied with




and endangered



But first

We attune

Our senses

To listening

As our ancestors



Today's shamanism has been diluted down and lacks the ancestral depth that offer the unteachable learnings and intimate relationships with the "Otherness" that's been cultivated over time. Without these cultural roots and old world paths of being initiated into the deeper layers through direct experience, few people grow into the potential that's available and so get caught in a kind of spiritual larping and fantasy play without knowing it.

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The Elders, who yet embody old world knowledge, share “Seek what we sought, relationship with the subtle in Nature. It’s there where the gods come unseen to drink, and if you know how to listen, will fill your cup.”

In this free virtual fireside sharing (zoom), we’ll lean into:


  • Old World perspectives and the greater potential they have to offer

  • Discern key modern colonized mindsets that are blocking people today from accessing the depths, abilities and connections available

  • A greater picture beyond our concept of shamanism that will free you from the restraints and limitations of modern and traditional shamanism.

  • An ancestral approach to activating the hidden gifts within you

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Details for joining

March 27th
6:30pm pst

A Free Community Event

About Chivito Cowa

Many years ago, Chivito sold his jazz club and everything he owned and went in search of traditional shamans and mystics to see if they and their abilities were real.  He found them and they took him under his wing.

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