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Podcasts & Vlog
Accessing Bone Memory

Our podcast and vlog offers an invitation into the inner huts, coming close-in around the virtual fireside, and stirring the rememberings held in our bone memory. 

View Descriptions below of Becoming EarthWise, Medicine Story and Wild Land Dreaming Vlog.

Our podcasts can be found on Spotify, Apple, and Sound Cloud.  See below details and links. 

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Becoming EarthWise

What does it mean to be indigenous to Earth? How do we adopt the ancestral and indigenous perspectives within our everyday life and restore Village Culture.  We explore rites of passage, indigenous and ancestral rememberings  and explore what it is to live what the Navajo call "Hozho" Walking in beauty!

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Medicine Story Podcast

We each come into the world with a song and you are that song. Here we explore how to de-colonize and reclaim the stories we carry inside us and harvest the rich medicine within our life experiences. We explore Shadow Work and how to walk  the inner road from an ancestral and indigenous lens.

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Wild Land Dreaming

We're documenting through a series of videos how to apprentice to the land in the old ways called Wild Land Dreaming.   How do we  earn and cultivate relationship with the primal elements and sacred others? How do we become receptive to let the land steward us  and reveal the unteachable learnings that are only discovered by walking the wild lands.  We're documenting a traditional way of learning.

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The Village co-op

Become part of the village culture and join us for live podcasts, gather around the virtual and live fireside, where through the traditional ways of storytelling, ritual, rites of passage and presence of the Elders we restore the meaningful ways of connecting and remembering ourselves home.

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