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Intro To Awaken

The Sage Within

Make The Shift from Aging to Saging

Join us for a live Virtual Fire Circle (zoom) as we explore how to harvest your life, heal the past, and step into the "medicine" (gifts/strengths) your life has uniquely afforded you.

In This Free Sharing We'll explore:
  • How to shift from aging as a slow deterioration of health and mind to a maturing into your gifts, strengths, and wisdom
  • How to heal from past wounds, regrets and failed expectations
  • A path of navigating the past, healing and maturing into your gifts
  • How to see your life story from the perspective of the hero's journey and recognize the mythic layers within your own life
  • How to shift from being limited or chained by your life to having your life experiences be a foundation of strength and wisdom

We share in a traditional way that weaves together storytelling, inspired dialogue and reflective questions to draw out the messages and wisdom within you.

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Dates & Times For Upcoming:
 Dates and Time:

Thursday Sept 15th

Register Here for 11am pst 

Register Here for 6pm pst


Learn More about the 6 month journey Awakening The Sage Within

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