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Navigating The Dark Descent

Part of our Medicine People Rising Series

A Two Part Series
Thursday Jan 12th & 19th
6pm - 7:30pm pst
Suggested $15 - $40 Donation
No one is turned away

In this two part series we lean into the ancestral and indigenous understandings, approach, and practices of navigating what's traditionally known as the Dark Descent of Soul.

Gather around the virtual fireside with soulful community of elders, indigenous and non-indigenous, people of many walks striving to walk in a deeper way. 



Many Medicine People are struggling and don’t have the Traditional Elders to guide them and initiate them through.


Many are experiencing a dissolution of Self, radical changes, a loss of direction, deep grief, fear and anxiety as they navigate uncertainty and unfamiliar ground.


When we look to indigenous and ancestral understandings, they have intimate knowledge of the Dark Descent or Long Night of Soul. 


The old ones who still remember share you experience the Descent to shed the skins of an old Self and old life you don't fit into anymore because you’re now ready to grow out of them and bloom into deeper layers of Self and the hidden medicine within you.


You’re not in dark times, You’re in initiatory times.

You’re on Mythic Ground


Within these virtual fire gatherings, we lean into ancestral knowledge and stories to guide us and reveal:

* The stages of the descent

* What to look for

* What to lean into and

* How to find the questions stalking you that you haven’t yet thought to ask,


You'll gain a renewed sense of clarity while facing uncertainty… you'll gain a new sense of power with what is happening.


If you or someone you know is struggling, read more and connect.  We’re here to support our community of healers, teachers, mentors and facilitators.

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Another name for the darkness is Mother Night.  She wraps us in her raven feather cloak sooted with dream dust that we may break free from old dreamings and enter the womb from which we're dreamt again

The What & How

We gather around the Virtual Fireside for

two Thursday Jan 12th & 19th

6pm to 7:30pm PST

Through the Traditional ways of storytelling, Ritual and Soulful dialogue within an inspired community of Elders, Indigenous and Non-Indigenous, People of many walks, we lean into the Ancestral knowledge and in dialogue we draw out the hidden layers and meanings.

What's included:

  • Two Live Virtual Fireside Gatherings

  • Recordings of core content but not personal shares. 

  • Transcripts and Practical Applications

  • Access to community platform where you may

    • Connect with Chivito directly

    • Connect and dialogue with community 

Suggested Donation
$15 -$40

No one is turned away 

About Your Guide and Testimonials Are Below

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

If for any reason you were unsatisfed or didn't meet your expectations, please let us know and we'll refund your investment.  We're here to be of serveice.  OM! 

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About Your Guide

Chivito Cowa

Chivito draws from a rich background of following a traditional learning trail, seeking out the elders and undergoing the intense rites of passage and initiations to gain an intimate relationship with the inner terrain we navigate. 



"There is expression vs words that are deeply felt when being guided by Chivito Cowa. I have come home to my remembering in such an intimate way that no other guide has been able to offer, until I met Chivito. I've experienced many programs (journey's rather) under his guidance and each one has unlocked doorways within my soul that I never thought possible. He truly shares from a well of wisdom and celebrates you every step of the way. Anyone looking to explore their inner and outer landscape would benefit grateful from Chivito's guidance and teachings. There is so much more I can share, but trust that you are in good hands and will be deeply grateful for the work you experience with him."

Delia Spirit Bear

"I whole-heartedly and soulfully recommend working with Chivito Cowa. He is a true gem and a living embodiment of spirit. He has a powerful, unique gift of intuiting what people are missing and deeply yearning for in today's society and is magically (I can think of no other word to describe his process) able to provide a path to reclaiming that in the form of horizontal guidance. It's a totally empowering, inspiring "we're in this together but each have our unique journey" vibe. His ability to cultivate a sangha while also providing concrete suggestions for moving through all that comes up in the soul-spelunking deep dives that you are in for when you sign up for this ride is truly saving the world by helping souls reconnect with their essence- the ultimate calling. I'm so glad I answered and got Chivito on the other end"

Laura Tousaint

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