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Virtual Campfire Series

Part of a Village Culture is gathering in council around the fire.  It's gathering with the Elders...  It's hearing each other's stories...   It's helping to stir the remembrances of the wisdom already within you and how to live it.

Because we're now part of a Global Village, we can't always gather around the same fire.  Yet every fire we bring to life and sit around connects us to every fire gathering happening around the world.

We offer these Virtual Campfires so we can connect with our global village to learn from each other's stories, to grow as individuals and as community, and gather to learn together from those who've come before us and those who are living their truth now in these chaotic modern times.

Explore what virtual campfires are happening.  Join us and be part of the conversation. OM!

How To Live In A Sacred Manner

Lucid Dreams & Astral Traveling

How To Live In The Hologram

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