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Thank You For Joining Us
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We’re a unique community of misfits, nature lovers, indigenous and non-indigenous, people of many lands and race who are remembering how to live as an extension of Nature and are restoring these mythic cultural ways that weaves us into the deeper meanings within our life experiences and roots us in a deeper sense of belonging within the soul of the world.


Ongoing Offerings

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Be Part of the Village Tribe

Village Co-op

We created The Village Co-op to give everyone an opportunity to participate and gain entrance into these “rememberings” as we gather together in traditional ways around both the virtual and live fireside.

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1st Sunday Each Month

Women of many. lands and culture circle together and lean into the stories, mysteries and medicine passed down through the womb... womb memories.   

Gather with women around the Virtual fireside (zoom) in the traditional ways of storytelling, song, soulful dialogue & movement.

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Most Sundays 6:30pm PST

We're bringing the Elders, Wisdom Keepers and Medicine people back to the fireside where we listen into their lived story of initiation, descent, and the hidden meanings within life's ever unfolding path.

Join us for a live conversation around the virtual fireside (zoom) and witness the potent healing and inspired dialogue that occurs 
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Every Wednesday 6:30pm PST

An extension of our Wisdom Talks, join us as we explore the mythic themes and ancestral perspectives of the lived story you're in.  We explore how to reclaim your stories, de-colonize our minds and see how our life path has been a path of initiation into hidden depths. 

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Twice a month

NatureWise Day

Learn to listen and engage with nature through Indigenous Eyes that weaves you back into relationship with the land, yourself and the Great Mystery

Join us for a day as we journey into nature and avail ourselves to learn “From” the plants, animal signs, and secret languages of nature.

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In today’s world, we no longer feel the 10,000 trembling secrets at the edge of our vision…. We’ve lost the cultural lens of seeing the deeper meanings and reasons within both our struggles and dreamings… 

This is a soul-centric approach that holds every experience as an embodied invitation to your unfolding soul story called your personal myth. 

Upcoming Journeys & Programs

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September 2022

Awakening The Sage

This is our core seasonal journey that goes from Autumn to Spring Equinox.  There comes a time in our life we step through an invisible threshold where we're no longer young and not yet elders.  This is a time to pause, to harvest our life, heal old wounds so we may step into the beginning of the rest of our life embodied in the rich depths and gifts our life has afforded us.

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Begins July 21st, 2022

Embody Your Medcine

A soul-centric journey of harvesting the deeper medicine inside you that grounds you in a deeply embodied space of the Medicine and Spirit you carry within.

This is a journey not of learning, but how come in contact with your hidden origin stories of being initiated by the unique medicine path you've already walked.  You are enough... now lets embody it.

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August 2022

Wild Land Dreaming Retreat

This is a 3 day retreat being immersed in the mythic experience of wild places where wolves howl and bear call home. We journey to specific power places, be in ceremony, gather around the fire, enter the dreaming with mythic storytelling that weaves us back into the greater mystery of life and who are within it.

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Join The

Village Co-op

Our online & live interactive community

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We provide the long held cultural practices such as Wilderness Rites of Passage, Nature Skills, Vision Quest, Elder Training, Gathering around fire, Giving voice to the Elders, and gathering as community to honor and celebrate the cyclic stages of life.


We provide mentoring & training from an indigenous and mythic-archetypal lens for adults & youth as you navigate your cyclic stages, greet significant life transitions, traditional grief tending, & adopting these mythic-indigenous ways of living & being in the world.


Together we are healing from our collective wound of colonization, reclaiming our personal and collective sovereignty, and restoring the cultural ways within our modern world that breathes meaning, connection, and belonging in our lives.

We are Decolonizing our minds and re-Indigenizing our hearts

for we are all indigenous of Earth. 

This we must do if we are to survive as a people.

See below dates of next offerings & classes

Concerned about Cultural Appropriation? We are too! click here to learn more.

We're here to foster a sense of community, to empower our youth, honor our elders, and provide a tangible means of personal growth

It's becoming aware of the great cycle
and how to join the dance

Awaken the inner wisdom & Empower others to do the same

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