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Becoming NatureWise

Learn nature skills, and how to see through indigenous eyes. Restore a deeper relationship with the PNW plants, animals, and eco-systems.

Two days a month, we invite you to journey with us into nature to learn and cultivate nature skills, heighten your awareness of what’s happening around you and read the tracks and animals signs that reveal the stories that are alive in real-time.

Our summer immersion is when we come together each year to deepen our knowledge and relationship with the plants, animals, and ecological biospheres within our PNW Territory.

We hone in our nature skills and ability to read the signs and conversations occurring within nature all around us.

All levels are welcomed.... Here we are all students learning from each other, the land, plants and animals. The goal isn't to become masters of information but deepen our own person relationship.

What You'll Learn

Learn plant identification

Plants & Trees

Learn to recognize the trees and plants from the wall of green. Know their names, their medicine and greater contributions to place. We’ll have guest Native Elders share how to see and engage through Native eyes.

Learn Tracing & Animal Sign

Reading The Signs

Learn to see animals signs and tracks and the stories and activities they reveal

  • Learn what to look for, how to read the signs, and be informed by nature right in front of you.

  • Learn what questions to ask that invite you further into the stories, activities and deeper meanings that are being expressed all around you.

  • Inner & Outer Tracking provides you a map into the deeper layers and knowledge available that’s missed by others

Learn Bird Language

Bird Language

Learn to hear… what the different calls of birds mean and indicate is occurring around you.  Through bird behavior and types of vocalizations you become informed of the activities occurring around you in nature, if there’s a predator nearby and where, of what’s about to happen in the weather and so on.

Heighten Your Senses. Know what to listen and look for.

Sensory Skills

You'll learn how to engage and heighten your senses... to know what to sense... and how to be aware of the subtle happenings and communications all around you. 

Restore Ancestral and Indigenous perspectives

Ancestral Perspectives

Experience how to be in relationship with the land, animals and eco-systems. It's learning how to apprentice ourselves to the land, to not steward the land but allow the land steward us.

Restoring village Culture

Cultural Restoration

Experience the culture of gathering and honoring together.  Experience Way of Council, Elders, and peer to peer mentoring. Gather around the fire, storytelling, and cultural ways of greeting the day.

  • Renew your connection to Earth and ancient wisdom

  • Learn Indigenous Psychology, mindsets, and cultural understandings that provide a deeper relationship with nature and how you fit within the great web of life.

  • Learn practical traditional skills, knowledge and awarenesses


  • Experience Animism and learn the etiquette and rituals of becoming relatives with the plants, birds, animals and land


  • Experience traditional ways of learning 


  • Get personalized mentoring, be in council with elders and indigenous wisdom keepers