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Wisdom Talks

Trailing the Path of The Medicine People

Reclaiming our stories and becoming rooted in our personal myth

This is a weekly series where you join us in a live conversation with an elder, wisdom keeper or medicine person and listen into their story of initiation, descent, and becoming embodied in who they are and how they contribute to the world.

Through these conversations we get a raven's eye view of our own life from a mythic lens and gain clarity of our own story from a perspective of initiations, the stages of descent and rebirth through our life struggles and how we've been stewarded on our life path all along. 

You also gain access to our weekly Live Medicine Story Talks where we explore how to de-colonize your own stories and view them from a mythic indigenous lens.  

What we've discovered in these talks is the distinct difference in how embodied elders view their stories differently from most people.

We find most people don't know their true story... they know it only from a colonial-christianized perspective cloaked in shame, inadequacy, and should-haves.  Most people tell their life stories in a way they re-enforce a sense of inadequacy. 


When we tap into the mythic lens however, and see through the eyes of the elders, we find these same stories transform and become the stories that validate and re-enforce your personal medicine, nobility of soul, and gifts you uniquely have to bring into the world. 

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Live Wisdom Talks: 6:30pm PST most Sundays

Join us in a live conversation with an elder, wisdom keeper or Medicine Person as we explore their lived story of maturing into who they are today.

Live Medicine Story Talks: 6:30pm PST most Wednesdays

Join us live around the virtual fireside where we explore, through dialogue, storytelling and mythic-ancestral perspectives, our own life stories that reveals the deeper and hidden meanings in your lived story and tap into your personal myth.


These are FREE events and part of what we call village tending. However, we do accept donations which help support the amount time, effort and heart that goes into making these available for the public. Click Here if you wish to contribute. Thank you.

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