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The Aligned Self

Of all the practices the great shaman, mystics, and elders shared with me, this was the most profound

The primary shift that will shift everything in your life is shifting how we identify with our deep subconscious self.


Many, without ever knowing, identify with a limited self.  This is the voice of the inner critic. It creates confusion, lack of clarity, and doubt.  It sabotages our efforts and keeps us in a self-defeating loop within our relationships, finances, health and goals. 

It’s shown our behaviors move to unconsciously re-enforce our sense of identity.  In other words, our behaviors, patterns and choices become automated to support our baseline feelings we have of ourself.  When you shift to identify with your self-worth, strengths, and your authentic self, then your behaviors, relationships, food cravings and patterns shift to support it.

As one is, so one experiences life


What if you aligned and identified with your Aligned Self? 


This is the Self without the masks of past stories, beliefs, and the mask of our small limited self.  It’s likely you’re aware, or you can feel, you have a greater potential, a greater capability of how you can experience this short moment on the stage of life.  It’s likely you feel the frustration of not accessing it and of the impact this has on your relationships, health, finances and goals.

This sessions grounds you in your Aligned Self. 


You experience a profound inner shift that enables you to have greater follow through, clarity and ease.  Your behaviors and patterns move to support you rather than re-enforce the patterns of limitations.  This is the power of this session for it provides a foundation for you to make the choices and live aligned with your authentic self and vision of life.



Session is 2 hours

Normally $194

NOW 50% off  ($97)  from July 1st to 24th


Takes place via phone session or in person at local park. 

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

In this session you will be able to:

  • Release limiting story or belief

  • Discover your unique Aligned Self 

  • Be guided in a powerful process that grounds you in your Aligned Self

  • Establish guidelines to help you live in this state so it’s the norm

  • Learn how to access your Aligned Self on your own


This state will help you improve your relationships, follow through with health goals, free the mind from negative thinking, reduce stress and anxiety, and provide greater sense of connection, confidence, and clarity. You’ll feel more in control of your life and what you draw into your life. 

This is a powerful experience and a skill everyone should have.

To begin, introduce yourself.  

We follow a more traditional mindset of simply beginning a conversation.  Share why this resonates, what you're currently experiencing what you'd like to get from this sessions.

We'll then schedule a session. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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