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Ayurveda Detox

A simple and effective path to health and balance

An Ayurveda Detox is one of the safest, simplest and most effective ways to not only detox the body, it also brings your whole body into alignment AND empowers YOU to put your health back in your hands.

Learn How Below!

Do more than detox... 

  1. Establish a state of health 

  2. Adopt the practices that support it

  3. Learn how to easily maintain it on your own

An Ayurveda Detox is coming back into relationship with your body.  It's a way of learning and establishing what sustains you and how to honor those things.

Instead of temporarily manipulating your body,

bring it back into alignment.

The reason WHY an Ayurveda cleanse will be so effective is because you're restoring the health of your digestion which is responsible for processing and absorbing nutrients, eliminating toxins from the body, and is what balances your energy, emotions, sleep, and mind. 

What's more, during your Ayurveda Cleanse you learn how to nourish a state of balance for you specifically.  


In other words, through this cleanse you gain both the experiential wisdom and the knowledge to make informed decisions to live in greater balance.

Using a delicious Ayurvedic stew infused with specific spices and adopting a few daily health rituals brings your whole body into alignment and  establishes a state of health

You want to be cautious of what detox you choose.  Done incorrectly can weaken your immune system and create a long recovery time.  With so many Detoxes offered, be sure to be informed with the proper steps and the do's and don'ts of detoxing

The Do's and Don'ts of Detoxing Podcast coming soon!

What Happened When I Did My First Ayurveda Detox 

My Channel

My Channel

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Our Ayurveda detox is:

  • One Part Eliminating toxins​

  • One Part Restoring bodily tissues and establishing a state of health

  • One Part Education learning how to maintain your health on your own

This is NOT for you IF:

  • You're not willing to cook and prepare your food

  • You're looking for a quick fix rather long term health

This IS for you IF:

  • You're wanting to bring your whole body into alignment

  • You're ready to be in relationship with your body, emotions and mind

  • You're willing and even excited to learn how to apply Ayurveda cooking principles to our Western foods and lifestyle

  • You're looking for long term health

  • You want to learn how to maintain your health on your own

This is a 30 Day Cleanse where you experience your body coming into balance, establish a healthy digestion, and learn how to EASILY maintain your health in our  modern world and western diets

Our Ayurveda Cleanses is something more than a detox too.  It's an invitation to come back home within yourself.  If you choose, it can be a time of reconnecting with your inner most self, releasing the emotions, beliefs, and patterns no longer serving you and realign with those that do in the Present.  This can be a magical journey of coming home within yourself and nourishing your connection with you.

How Does It Work?

Our Detox Packages provide everything you need.  It includes 2 weeks of food, yummy herbal elixirs, tutorials videos with easy step-by-step instruction and access to REAL PEOPLE who are experts throughout your cleanse.


Week One: Stoke The Inner Fire

Using a yummy Digestion Boosting Snack and following some simple guidelines, you begin to improve your digestion so your body can process and eliminate the toxins you've accumulated in your connective tissues and bodily systems.

We provide you some delicious food options to choose from this week such as Curry Eggs or specially seasoned roasted vegetables!

Week Two: Detox Time!


This week you'll enjoy our yummy Ayurveda Stew infused with specific herbs to pull the toxins from the body while strengthening the tissues. It's fun to make and DELICIOUS! You'll begin a simple health ritual that'll lend you more mental clarity and quality energy throughout the day.


You'll also discover simple ways to overcome food cravings and emotional eating. Imagine what it'll feel like to have greater control of your food choices and impulses!

Week Three: Sacred Heart, Sacred Mind


This week you'll continue with the yummy Ayurveda Stew and add a delicious hot herbal beverage to cleanse the blood and liver.    

You'll likely find your body feeling stronger and healthier. You're coming into rhythm with your body and you'll likely experience your mind and heart aligns with you.  You'll begin feeling more connected and in relationship with "yourself!"

Week Four: Rejuvenation, Coming Out Of The Cleanse


This week you begin a delicious elixir and begin introducing specific foods into your diet that nourishes your tissues, gives you strength, and empowers you to continue your journey of health.      

Where other cleanses leave your body weakened, Your Ayurveda Cleanse strengthens your body, gives you greater mental clarity and quality energy to resume and live life!

Your Ayurveda cleanse not only detoxes your body, it strengthens it and you learn how to make informed decisions to maintain your new state of health on your own!  

Each of Our Detox Packages Includes:

Everything You Need for an AMAZING detox

Step-by-Step instruction and Real People to support you

Bonus Material

  • Half Month of Food!

  • Spices, oils, recipes, & More!

  • Special detox gifts for performing health rituals

  • Two Special Ayurveda Elixir… 

    • A delicious immune boosting jam

    • A delicious rejuvenating & strengthening drink

  • An Aromatherapy blend to balance and nourish the mind

  • Everything you need plus bonus gifts!

  • Access to online platform with step-by-step Instructions

  • Includes Tutorial videos, checklists to keep you on course and track your progress

  • Also includes practical worksheets to make your detox smooth and easy to do

Learn How To

  • Manage food cravings

  • Curb impulsive choices

  • Overcome emotional eating

  • Break free from cravings, addictions, and patterns

  • How to create healthy boundaries 

  • Take control of your mind, anxiety, stress and emotions

You're supported the whole way.  Got questions? Email or Call us!  Talk to someone on the phone anytime you have questions!

We offer three Detox Packages  

30 Day 


The 30 Day Do-It-Yourself packages is setup so you can easily do it on your own.


It includes

  • Food for half the month!

  • A delicious ancient Ayurveda Elixir that's been handed down from teacher to student for thousands of years!

  • A yummy rejuvenating herbal elixir tea

  • Herbs, Spices, detox tools!

  • Tutorial videos and step-by-step instructions

  • Everything else listed above!

PLUS a FREE 30 MINUTE Phone Consultation prior to your detox ($97 value)

Plus Full email and phone support as needed!  Have questions, call us and you have an expert on the phone!



with an In-home Demonstration

This is our FAVORITE package! It includes everything in the 30 day Do-It-Yourself PLUS

Get this package!!! :) 

We'll personally deliver your package, walk you through all of its contents, and together we'll prepare the core recipes

* Blood Detox Tea

* Digestive Booster Snack

* Ayurveda Stew 

This is a fun and magical way to begin your detox! Be able to ask questions, dial in the detox to you specifically, and learn while being entertained with the enchanting stories of the herbs, practices and stories of previous students.

We spend about 2.5 magical hours together in your Kitchen... It's a cooking party! 

Get this package!!! :) 


Guided Detox

Includes five

Phone Sessions

Includes everything in Do-It-Yourself package PLUS Five Private phone sessions

A detox is a personal journey you take with your body, mind, and emotions. Having a guide who knows the landscape you'll travel and how to lovingly guide you through this magical process is powerful.

No two bodies are the same.  Having someone who knows what's happening, what you can expect to experience and how to tailor each stage to you specifically will be valuable!

If you're anxious about detoxing or want the opportunity to go deeper and be more thorough, then you'll want that personal touch of someone guiding you.

Highly Recommended

You can also add the in-home demonstration if you're within the Tacoma/Seattle/Olympia area



Want to do this with friends, with colleagues, or as a group? We LOVE guiding groups through this magical journey and we included added bonuses! Message us! 

What's the Next Step?

Schedule a Free 30 minute Health consultation.  We require this before beginning your detox to ensure it's the right fit for your body and condition of health.  

We'll review your personal goals for detoxing,  share further specifics, answer questions, and get you started if it's right for you.

There is NO OBLIGATION to do the detox if you schedule a session.  However, please only schedule if you're sincerely interested as we have limited number of sessions available.

Do You Have Questions?  Use the box below.  Share what you're intentions and goals are, how your health is now, and ask any questions you may have.

Thanks! Message sent.

Get Started...

Bring Your Body into Alignment

Break Free From Old Patterns

Adopt healthy rituals & practices

Take control of your health

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