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Village Co-op

Restoring Village Culture In our Modern World

A Routine of Connection

This is our way of village tending and making the village ways accessible to everyone. 

Village culture is a way of gathering, supporting each other, and navigating the cyclic hoop year as we learn, heal, and grow. It's a life style of honoring, listening, and attuning ourselves to the mysteries of life expressing within and without us.

Here you get to be part of this culture, join in with both live and virtual gatherings, experience the traditional ways of storytelling, ritual, rites of passage, and the presence of elders. 


Join in to play and connect

What's a Village "Co-op"?

We call it a co-op because you become a member of the village where your voice matters. It's a community we encourage you to share your gifts and contribute as well as receive and be part of the fire gatherings, rituals, and learning.


Providing youth circles, mentors, and rites of passage to support them.

Learning circles

We gather around the virtual and live fireside and through storytelling, soulful dialogue and ritual we explore ancestral knowledge

Inspired Learning

Tap into ancestral knowledge, experiential learning, stories, and myths that give deeper meaning in our lives

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Have access to mentors when you need and want them. Able to ask questions anytime

The Village Co-Op provides a variety of ways to deepen in, connect, and grow.  You can participate in all or one's you choose.

  • Regular virtual & in-person Learning Circles

  • Nature Play and BBQ's

  • Seasonal Rituals and Events

  • Inspired forum to connect with others

In addition to the gatherings, you'll have access to our

  • Library of Endangered Rememberings

  • Fox & Raven Bone's Reflective Storytelling

  • To Elder's and Mentors

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