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Shamanic Hoop Year

Awaken Ancestral Wisdom Through Direct Experience & Community

This is a journey of drawing upon the cyclic influences of the seasons and apprenticing ourselves directly to nature, the land and spirits there-in


Shamanism is rooted deeply within an intimate connection with nature... directly experiencing the raw elements, spirits, and cyclic energy. 

In this journey you’ll experience the deeper principles first hand and what is called “The Dreaming.”  


A universal shamanic foundation is we are within a dream and hence being dreamt into the world.  The journey is becoming awake within the dream so you ground in being a co-dreamer within the dream.

In this we experience how everything around us is speaking, reflecting, and guiding us as we walk our path of “remembering.”  In this we gain the abilities of communing and working with Totems, Spirits, and Ancestral Wisdom.

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Shamanic Hoop Year

Drawing from the seasonal energies and spirits, we draw out the practices, teachings, and rituals each season offers us.   You learn how to live as part of the cyclic web and navigate both your inner and out landscape as you align with the ancestral ways of honoring hoop year.

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Direct Apprenticeship

Our intention is to provide this time honored ancestral knowledge found in Ayurveda, Taoism, Shinto, and Indigenous cultures around the world.   

But rather than merely give you "information" we reveal the ways to apprentice yourself directly to Nature, Spirits, Totems, and the Land so this knowledge comes alive within you and hence your own through direct experience.

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Collaborative Learning

We gather around the Virtual Fireside where we pool our experiences, stories and learnings together.  Get mentoring and through storytelling and inspired dialogue we draw out the cyclic learnings each season offers us.

The Flow

This is a journey that guides you to cultivate your own unique relationship with how the principles of nature and spirit are also expressed through you physically, spiritually and energetically.  You learn how to apprentice yourself to nature and the shamanic path.  We believe that each person's path is unique and alive with its own consciousness/intelligence.  

We reveal the etiquette, rituals, and ways for you to apprentice yourself to your unique path, to deepen your nature connection through these ancestral shamanic perspectives and hence cultivate your own relationship with Spirit and your "Dreaming".  

We then gather around the VIRTUAL COUNCIL fire to practice a collaborative learning circle.  This is a traditional way of learning recognizing we're all students of each other and our role is to pool our experiences and learnings together.

Through this traditional way we learn humility, how to listen, how to speak in a good way, and how to draw out each other's stories, gifts, and medicine.

We catch each other's stories, get mentoring, and through storytelling, dialogue and direct instruction we ground on our unique learning trail and mature into sacred relationship with the great web of life and how we're being dreamt into the world.


Year Round Mentoring

This is a year round program that reveals the teachings month by month as the cyclic energies are alive and speaking to us.

Start at anytime and tap into the seasonal learnings. You can cancel or pause and restart at anytime as well.

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Month to Month

Each month we'll offer you a seasonal and elemental focus, the Ayurvedic and ancestral wisdom with living aligned, and the shamanic practices to connect with nature and navigate your unique path.​

Virtual Council Fires

We have two Virtual Fire Councils each month where we gather together on Zoom.  Here we dive deeper into the material and pool our experiences and learnings together.

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Online Platform

You have access to an online course that'll have videos, articles, meditations and other practices for you to dive into and return to at anytime.  

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The Village

You become part of an amazing community of like-spirited people committed to doing their inner work, remembering ancestral ways and humbling learning how to carry our medicine in a good way into the world.

Be part of our online platform where people are sharing their stories, connecting offline, and doing their own events to hone in the skills learned.

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Got questions or want to dive in deeper.  Chivito and other guides will be available to answer questions or schedule mentoring sessions.

Bonus Offerings

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The Shaman's Hut

Once a month we host the Shaman's Hut where we explore the deeper experiences, practices and mindsets of the shaman.  

Get guidance with your current experiences, how to channel your gifts, secure protection, and deeper your spiritual practices

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Fox & Raven Bones

This is our mythic and reflective storytelling events.  You gain access to our monthly Virtual or Live storytelling where we draw out the mythic themes within the story and how they reflect in our current lives.

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In Person Gatherings

Join us for seasonal ceremonies, nature adventures, and other happenings in the PNW area. 

These are limited ate this time.

The Specifics

Start Date:  Begin at anytime

Virtual Fire Gatherings (zoom)

1st and 3rd Wednesdays



Choose a time or come to both

11am pst / 7pm London Time

6pm pst



Cancel at anytime

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