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Temporary Postponed Due to Quarantine

Summer Solstice Event & Campout

A FREE community event

Join us for a soulful community event on the solstice to celebrate the sun and the blossoming of life.  Campout or join us for only Friday or Saturday Activities.  This event is held just outside the Carbon River entrance of Mt Rainier.

BBQ Potluck, Nature Games, Solstice Ceremony, Cold Plunge, Tribe

This is a magical soul nourishing time with like spirited souls celebrating Nature and the revolving web of life.  It’s giving proper attention to Nature (like a birthday), honoring the great cycle, and saying “I see you (nature) and honor we’re but a part of you.” 

There will be a BBQ Potluck, nature games for adults and youths, Mythic Storytelling around the fire and the Solstice Fire & Water ceremony.  Feel free to cold plunge with us or perform your own way of stepping out of the shadows and into the light.

Saturday we'll have more activities and the Shamanic Healer Initiates will share their skills via Tarot readings, Energy Healing in our Sacred Lodge, Guided Nature Walks, Storytelling and games!  See below for details!

In addition to celebrating the Solstice with us, you’ll get to participate in the send off of the Shamanic Healer Initiates who’ve been on a dedicated inner journey for the past three months.  They’ll journey into the wilderness directly after the solstice ceremony to perform a fire vigil throughout the night.  They will undergo specific shamanic rites and re-emerge with the rise of the sun the next morning where we gather round and welcome them back into the circle. 

We see them off and welcome their return.  It’s a way of saying “We see you who are going into the shadows of the wilderness will not be the same who’ll return.  We see the work and transformation you’re committing to is not just for yourself, but to bring medicine back to the people.”

This is a magical event to witness and participate in.  Join us.




Arrive anytime after 4pm


5:30pm to 7:30pm BBQ Potluck

(bring food to share & BBQ)  Time to mingle, meet new friends, and enjoy the Summer evening together amongst the elder trees alongside a glacial river.

6:30pm  Nature Games (Optional)
We’ll host fun nature games for youth & adults.  This is a day of celebration and these games invite us into the spirit of play and a community.

Campfire Meal

7:30pm Gather around fire 

We begin with Storytelling… sharing the tale of Mt Tahoma & The Fire Tenders who dwell within the mountain and the Spirit of the Summer Solstice.  We do a special fire & water ceremony.


8:00pm Cold Plunges (Optional)

Join us for a cold plunge in the river.  A way of connecting with the raw elements and with Mt Tahoma. A way of showing commitment to new intentions of stepping into your light and tending to your own inner fire.


9:00pm Sunset Ceremony

Gather for the moment the sun sets at 9:11pm.  We perform a specific ritual at the exact moment of sunset called Agni Hotra.  This ritual is said to bring healing to the land and people and bring abundance to all involved.


9:30  Send Off Ceremony of the Initiates

Initiates are drummed into the wilderness and community stays behind to gather around fire, share stories, make new friends and nourish community.


Saturday Day Activities

We’ve scheduled some fun activities for the Saturday Day and Evening.  These are free and are offered to support community coming together as community in soulful ways.

You'll get the opportunity to experience the amazing skills of the healers and guides within our tribe!  Come out to celebrate, experience healings, readings and soulful experiences.


Actives will start around 2pm and you can choose from the below or do multiple. 


Activities  Available

A Guided Nature Walk Amongst Old Growth Forest

Donated by The Nature In You

3pm to 5pm
Katrina, a Nature Therapy Guide will facilitate a Forest Therapy Walk that leads you into deeper communion and connection with nature and ground in a more connected sense of self. Utilizing a combination of "Shin-Rin Yoku" or "forest bathing" and Wildnerness therapy, this is a deeply transformative experience is sure to stir your soul.

Qi Gong Class & Demonstrations 2pm

A Qi Gong Instructor and will provide a demonstration and class alongside the river and natural elements.  This is a powerful place to experience the magic and healing energies of Qi Gong!


Tarot Readings 3pm to 5pm

 Experience a free reading or healing! They're amazing!


Shamanic Energy Healing 3pm to 6pm

We'll have our healing tent set up.  Experience a profound Shamanic Energy Healing by one of the initiates.  

Primitive Fire Making Demonstration 5:30pm

Chivito will demonstrate how to use materials from the forest to make a primitive fire by rubbing different woods together.  Learn the fire chant that brings the fire to life!


Scout Games 3:00pm

Experience the fun games of hiding and stalking amongst the ferns and elder trees. Awaken your sense of play and learn ways of the Scout and how to be in the forest in a sacred way. For adults and youth!


Saturday Evening Activities

4:30 to 6:30pm  Community BBQ & Potluck will begin

Bring food to share, to BBQ and celebrate with!


7:00pm    Storytelling around the fire

Enjoy the tales of how Raven lost her beautiful colors and singing voice… or the tales of the Great Fire Spirits who dwell in Mt Tahoma (Rainier)  and Wy'East (Hood) of the story of Jasluna who healed the land and her people through dancing with the animal people and Moon Goddess and other wisdom tales.

Storytelling is a significant part of Tree of Totems culture and bring community together in soulful dialogue.

How To Join Us

This is a FREE EVENT and open to the public.  We DO REQUIRE you to RSVP for this event so we know how many plan on attending.

Once you RSVP, you'll receive exact directions and further details.

Camping spaces are limited.   Camping is on a first come first serve basis.

To join, fill out the form and share why you'd like to attend, if you plan on camping and what days you plan on attending.

We'll then send further information, directions and give you a call to provide details of what to bring and how to prepare.

Thanks! Message sent.

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