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Earth Speech

Restoring our Mythic-Indigenous Relationship with life

This is a journey of restoring the ancestral remembrances yet held in our bone memory of how we're part of a the Earth's Dreaming... how we're an extension of Nature.

We’re breaking free from the spell-casted veils of colonial-christian conditioning that disconnects us from nature and hence ourselves, our potential and this greater mythic experience of life.

We restoring the cross-cultural weaves of sacred belonging and the mythic nature of our unique life paths.

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Restoring a Traditional Path

Experience a more traditional path. A weave of the old ways sung in the old languages that re-attunes you to the sacred originality of it all.

Through storytelling, visiting power places, adopting a mythic lens and applying these principles of nature within the hoop cycle and elements, you’ll restore your power and scared roots…


You’ll emerge in the Spring with a sense of having remembered yourself home and be equipped with your true inheritance to bloom the dreamings you hold within you

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By Indigenous we are referring to the psychology and mores of people who currently and/or ancestrally live as an extension of the land, plants, waters, animals, and sacred energies of place... they live connected to the mythic nature of life recognizing there's greater threads animating this tapestry of life than the dull colonized world we see around us.


Worldwide, our indigenous & ancestral relatives model a way of living not as adversaries of life but a way of being in a sacred, reciprocal relationship with life... a way of honoring the principles that govern nature also govern us physically, spiritually, and mentally. 


When we live attuned to, and as an extension of, nature and these mythic-dreaming qualities of the Earth Herself, we live in flow. When we don’t we deplete ourselves, families, and land... we become what Indigenous cultures call Soul-Loss.

By Mythic, we’re acknowledging the universal understanding the language of soul is through imagery, symbols, stories, and songs that connect us to that which can’t be expressed by ordinary words. 


We’ll draw from the World Library of myths and symbols from the Old Celts to the Pygmie of Africa, to the sea farers of Northern Waters, to the red sand canyons of the Hopi, from traditions around the world to restore the original vocabulary of soul speech.


We’re de-colonizing the “literal” speech that traps us in a black and white flat world and we’re restoring our mythic relationship with life.

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This is a 7 month experienced based immersion shared in the oral traditions that guides you to have direct experience with these relational ways of being an extension of Nature so this isn’t information you learn, it’s wisdom you become.

Earth Speech &

The River Beneath The River


As the 13 Grandmothers share, “We are not separate from the Earth. We are an extension of nature and the laws that govern the seasons, weather changes, plants and animals also govern us.”


You’ll learn Earth Speech and what’s called the river beneath the river which reveals the hidden principles influencing you and life everyday.  Here you cultivate an intimate relationship with your personal hoop cycle, the elements and principles of nature that are always speaking, informing you, and stewarding you everyday.


Instead of fighting against nature, you’ll learn how to adopt an indigenous way of being so you may harness these and live in greater flow, reciprocity and abundance.

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Reading What Cannot Be Written


The oral tradition is laced with hidden knowledge and endangered wisdom.  Through storytelling, we reflect on the hidden teachings in traditional stories, songs and folktales from around the world that stir the ancestral rememberings yet held in our bone memory.

Here we’re restoring Soul Speech and tap into the initiatory nature of your own life. You gain a mythic view that unlocks the hidden meanings of your present, past and future life experiences.

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Breaking Enchantments &

Nobility of Soul


It was once known we each come into the world with a song and you are that song, but spells have been cast and we’ve forgotten how to attune to what the Aborigine call our Songline. 

Other culture’s call this our “Medicine” which is the unique gifts, power, and dreamings we have to contribute to the world. 

We draw from more traditional and indigenous practices of identifying your true medicine, how to court it, nourish it and embody it.  


A soul nourishing journey that has a felt sense of remembering yourself home.


Old Crone & The Cauldron of Mysteries


Shamanism invites us into a more mythic relationship with life where we recognize we have an innate ability to influence the physical reality through rituals, thought-forms, and intention. We’ll tap into core practical principles that empower you to influence and connect in with the subtle so to be in greater relationship and flow with life..

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