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Earth Speech

Remembering Ourselves Home

Simply put, we’re remembering how we’re part of a bigger story… how to be a people of the Earth... an extension of nature... an extension of the Earth's Dreaming.

We’re restoring the Indigenous and Old European perspectives that weaves us back into relationship with the cyclic movement of nature and the mythic lens of being in the world as our ancestors once were.

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The elders share we've fallen out of our story and have forgotten how we fit into this greater interconnected web of life and have become what Indigenous Cultures call Soul-Loss.

Perhaps you too can sense something has long been forgotten, that there’s something missing that we haven’t quite been able to give voice to.  

We’re breaking free from the colonized-industrial conditioning that binds us in a psychological prison where we approach life as an adversary… trapped in a transactional mentality that disconnects us from what nourishes us… spell casted us into a mentality of scarcity.

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We’re putting our story back together and being re-woven into the Earth’s Psychology that restores our connection with how nature and the “mythic” is expressing through us and our lives.


It’s re-attuning ourselves to Earth Speech and in doing so gathering our missing pieces, forgotten knowledge and endangered rememberings yet held and waiting in our bone memory that restores our wholeness within this greater story we’re part of.

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Through Earth Speech, we’re remembering ourselves home

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Listen in to the evocation

Listen in and get a greater feel for what this journey is and entails. 

For further details read below... If you feel a stirring within, a calling to journey with us, click the button to schedule a time to connect by phone and introduce yourself. This is an invite only journey and requires an initial phone conversation to connect.   If you have any questions, email us at

Join us for a Free Virtual Fire Gathering

We explore more of what this journey is and what we'll lean into

Thursday Sept 8th

6:30pm PST 

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This isn’t a course of study or a program of techniques. It’s a traditional path that guides you through direct experience in restoring your relationship with these mythic-indigenous-ancestral threads that weaves you back into our original way of being as part of the Earth’s Dreaming… of attuning to what the aborigine call your songline.

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Some of the Inner Weavings We'll Lean into

We’re re-attuning to a way of listening as the Ancestors listened… a tuning into what’s called the river beneath the river that reveals how nature and the “mythic” are expressing through you, influencing your experience each day, and is in fact stewarding you to bloom the dreamings you hold within.

We’re restoring the ancestral-mythic lens of our life where we may see the initiatory nature of our path, recognize the archetypes, mythic cycles, and trails we walk.  In other words, we’re reclaiming our stories and taking back a kind of power to walk our unique path.

You gain a raven’s eye view of your path which informs you of what to look for and what to lean into.  You become empowered to walk your path with greater clarity, confidence and knowledge looking through the raven’s eyes of the ancestors.

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A Traditional Path

This journey is offered in an oral tradition, meaning instead of a linear course of consuming information laid out in bullet points, we gather together around the Virtual Fireside/zoom (and sometimes live fire). 


We tap into the Ancestral Well of stories, folktales, and myths that awakens the hidden remembrances within them and activates them within us.  We dialogue and reflect, we stir the bone marrow memories ready to surface.

Storytelling has long been worldwide cultural way the ancestors passed on hidden knowledge, rituals, and teachings. They’re a way of tapping into the river beneath the river.

In other words, this is more of a traditional path… A weave of the old ways sung in the old languages that re-attunes you to the sacred originality of it all.

Between our fire gatherings, you’re invited to journey into nature and what are called “Power Places” in your area so you may have a direct experience of the Mythic and these ancestral remembrances.

As my mentor Ben, a Hopi Elder said to me “seek not information but rather the experiences that awakens the memory held in your bones.”

Through mentorship, invitations, and optional group field trips into nature, you’ll come into direct experience with these forgotten attunements and endangered remembrances that weaves you back into your greater sense of belonging, power, and deeper meaning of your life being dreamt through you.

This isn't information you learn, it's wisdom you become

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  • What the Navajo call, Original Instructions giving to us by Creator and hence restore a way of living as part of the earth

  • What is it to De-colonize our minds and re-indigenize our hearts in these modern times. 

  • How can we become that part of the song that's missing

  • How to re-attune to these original ways of living that restores our deeper sense of connection, and power to bloom the dreamings we hold within. 

Details & Flow

The 7 month journey aligns with the seasonal influences and earth energies (trailing the river beneath the river). We begin in the time of the Fall Equinox and complete our journey during the Spring Equinox.

Twice a month we gather around the virtual fireside (zoom) where in the oral tradition of storytelling, ritual and soulful dialogue, we awaken and activate these ancestral remembrances.

In between council fires, you have access to our online platform where we post the stories, inspired content and guided instructions. We stay connected as a community posting our experiences, sharing stories, and inspiration.

Village Culture & Field Trips

For those in the PNW, you'll have the option to join us on fields trips to power places in Washington & Oregon, gather around the fire for storytelling and rituals, and have adventures. These will be scheduled out each month and are bonus invitations.


You'll have opportunities to experience the gifts and crafts of others in our community as they invite us to participate inactivities and experiences to tap in and cultivate community.  (these may ask for additional contributions) 

Mentorship & Elders

The journey includes two levels of mentorship to tailor the journey to you, your life and location.


The Roots & Bones Mentorship gives you access to Chivito via our online platform where you can message him directly and get tailored guidance. 

Raven's Beak Mentorship is for those wanting to go deeper, draw out hidden layers, and have a weekly time to anchor in with Chivito.  Includes 21 scheduled mentor sessions (3/month) by phone or in-person. 


We'll invite Elder's of various traditions and lineages to contribute their presence, direct cultural knowledge and stories. These may be offered as bonus council fires and will be offered per their availability. 

Listen in to the evocation

Listen in and get a greater feel for what this journey is and entails. 

Dates, Investment, Enroll

Dates & Times:

Two Virtual Fire Gatherings per month.  Choose between

11am OR 6pm PST


Sept   13th & 27th

Oct     11th & 25th

Nov      8th & 22nd

Dec     13th & 27th

Jan      10th & 24th

Feb     14th & 28th

March 14th & 28th



Roots & Bones Mentorship

$1,225 or $175/month

Raven's Beak Mentorship

$2,100 or $300/month

 Includes two hour long mentoring sessions/month plus bonus sessions when you need them.

How To Join

This is an invite only journey. We're very deliberate with who we invite in so to craft a safe and sacred container that fosters a sense of community and  inspired dialogue.


Click the button below and you'll be prompted to schedule a 15 minute phone conversation.... There will be a form to fill out to introduce yourself, ask questions and share why this journey resonates with you. 

If you'd like to ask questions before scheduling a session, email us at   Chivito is an open book and happy to connect and answer any questions you have.

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