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Shamanic Healing

Healing Through Spirit and the inner realms of soul

Below are our Shamanic Healing Offerings

Shamanic Healing Offerings

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1.5 hour $150

Shamanic Massage

This massage can entail our Thai or East-West massage style.  Includes a tea ceremony, energy cleanse, addressing specific pressure points and moving stuck energy and massaging the whole body where we address the sen lines and specific energy centers. 


2 hours $197

Shamanic Healing

This session focuses specifically one addressing the inner landscape and re-aligning your energy field.  Includes tea ceremony, energy cleanse, guided journey, marma point/energy point therapy, energy healing and may also include drumming, chanting, aromatherapy, and other arts.


Inquire...Typically by donation.

Homa Therapy

One of the very first healing practices was through the form of ritual and ceremony.  Ritual is a way of engaging your entire being and interweaving it with the power of your intention to bring forth a specific result. 


Homa therapy is an ancient Ayurvedic form a healing and can be used to address ancestral healing, relationships, blocks in succeeding, healing the land or a community.

Shamanic Energy Healing

This session focuses on your subtle bodies, releasing blocks and re-aligning your subtle energy channels called “Nadis.”  Each session is unique may weave together ritual, drumming, sound therapy, and guided shamanic journey in conjunction with energy healing.


These are for those who are feeling energetically blocked, depleted, and/or scattered.  It’s for those who have emotional wounds and experiences they haven’t released. It’s for those who are wanting to feel reconnected, aligned, and grounded.  It’s for those who wanting a deeply restorative experience that guides them back home within themselves.

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Approximately 90 minutes


How To Schedule

This is an invite only offering:  If your curious to learn more, fill out the form.  Please share why this resonates and what you would like to get from it. 


We'll then schedule a FREE 10 minute phone interview to connect with you further, share details and answer any questions you have.  We'll then schedule you're session.

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