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Life Mentoring

Experience a traditional way of mentoring

Traditional Mentoring is a way of receiving the council, guidance, and support we all need and want as we navigate the terrain of life. We were never meant to walk this path alone.

It is a spirited dialogue, a reconnecting, a way of being in council that evokes a greater depth, and provides the exact guidance you need.

Traditional Mentoring weaves together the long held cultural mediums such as storytelling, deep inquiry, nature connection, ritual, and practical guidelines.


It's being asked the right questions, re-grounding, and drawing out your intuitive wisdom.

When we lived in an intact village based society, we had elders, mentors and shaman with whom we would gain council with on a regular basis.  They would provide us an anchor for grounding in our life path and with who we are.


Use to:

  • Navigate current landscape of life

  • Gain deeper understanding of your spiritual path

  • Get unstuck and gain new clarity

  • Reconnect with nature, Spirit and Self

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These mentoring sessions happen as a nature walk through a local park

This offering is part of the village project to support the restoration of cultural ways for healthy communities, families and individuals.  Be part of the cultural restoration. Take a walk through nature and experience the intuitive wisdom of Ayurveda, nature based psychology and traditional mentoring.  The subtle shifts that occur by looking through ancestral eyes is profound.

These sessions are for:

  • Gaining new perspective and ways of tending to things

  • Addressing a specific challenge or wound

  • Giving voice to the inner rumblings, vexations, or energies needing expressed in a safe and healthy way

  • Learn new tools/skills with navigating your present moment path

  • Healing mental and emotional wounds

  • Discovering invisible blocks and how to release them

  • Expand out of limiting beliefs and into greater authenticity 

  • Restoration and connection with nature and self

  • Improve your relationship(s)

  • Gain greater depth and incite to your personal path and the ancestral perspectives, practices, and methods of walking it

  • Learn how to step into the “medicine” you carry and live it

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Mentoring is for

 youth and adults

What To Expect & Flow

We meet at a local park.  We begin with a grounding practice so we may fully arrive into presence.  We begin our walk and invite you to share what you're experiencing and what's happening for you.

Chivito has a way of deeply listening  and drawing out the invisible influences, blocks and narratives at play.  He’ll ask you questions to help you unravel confusion and guide you to discover new clarity.  He may share practical action steps or offer you new tools/skills with navigating.  You’ll also experience reconnection and grounding techniques so you'll leave the walk feeling restored, grounded, and aligned with your center. 


These sessions are informative, restorative and empowering.


About Your Mentor

Chivito (Chee-Vee-Toe) is both trained and has repeatedly gone through rites of passage and initiation. He believes to serve others we must first have dived into and gone through our own inner journey. He was trained in a traditional manner by Shamans, Swami’s, Ayurveda Doctors and Llamas of India where he lived over six year period. He underwent intensive training in a spiritual lineage that’s been handed down for thousands of years.  He’s a certified Ayurveda Practitioner and interned with Doctors and Village Medicine Men in India. As he journeyed through his own depths and experienced the art of mentoring from these esteemed teachers, he also apprenticed to guiding others and applying the nature based psychology and healing modalities. He's trained and experienced in Eastern Psychology, Neurolinguistics, and depth psychology.


He’s been a wilderness rites of passage guide serving At-Risk youth and Adults.  For 16 years he’s been serving others, guiding them through their inner landscape, and supporting them in discovering their own truth.


He practices a traditional way of guiding called Coyote Mentoring. It’s a way of asking questions to help you find your own answers while organically weaving in wisdom teachings and practices for you to discover new tools and ways of tending to life.

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One Hour


Invest: $75

How To Schedule 

If this is your first time:

We honor a more traditional approach to scheduling.  Using the form, begin with introducing yourself and sharing why this resonates and what you'll like to focus on. We'll then schedule a FREE 10-15 minute phone interview.  This is an opportunity connect, review in more detail what you're experiencing or what your intentions are and answer any questions you have.  If it feels aligned, we'll then schedule your session.


We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If for whatever reason this wasn't for you we'll offer 100% refund

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