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Elder Initiation

Invoking The Great Teacher Within

Note: This isn't to be initiated as an elder... it's to activate the Elder within you to access the wisdom, practices, & abilities therein.  Read More Below.

One of the first initiations into being a Shaman is the Elder Initiation. This is a significant practice shared across traditions and cultures which invokes and activates the part of you containing the source wisdom, abilities and practices lying present but currently inactive within you.  Through this initiation you activate and begin to gain access, cultivate and embody these now, in real-time.  


You learn the Shamanic practices, meditations and rituals to embody The Elder Self and the techniques to intentionally manifest events, encounters, opportunities, and life experiences from this Self.  It's a magical experience to witness thoughts become manifest as you hone these skills.

A Shaman in essence is one who is connected and can converse with the multi-faceted Being which manifest as all things. In this the Shaman has the ability to communicate and receive beyond the mere physical reality and is able to access knowledge and skills beyond one's personal knowing, is able to bring forth a thought or energy into the physical world and is able to receive the messages/medicine and/or signs within the world around you.  It’s said Spirit is constantly communicating and Shamanism is a means of joining the conversation

Through this initiation you gain a heightened ability to access, converse and play with these subtle levels.

Initiation is an act of stepping out of a lesser or limited self and into a greater potential of who we are.  It's a symbolic gesture of "now we've stepped through the gate we cannot go back" and hence find ourselves living in a more expansive, more able paradigm than before

It takes this kind of act for our psyche to fall into agreement and allow the shift to happen for otherwise we revert back to our limited mindsets

In this powerful two day Retreat you will learn:

  • How to invoke, activate and step into your Elder Self

  • How to access the wisdom, skills, powers, and gifts there-in

  • How to time-travel with your Elder Self to influence past, present & future

  • The practice of Shape-shifting your consciousness: How to use your mind to influence both your inner and outer experience

  • The core tool which empowers one to consistently be the conscious creator:  Most unknowingly live in a hypnotic state with an illusion of choice.  This skill enables you to break it and have greater freedom and power

Plus you will:

  • Receive the Elder Initiation & Ritual

  • Experience a powerful rites of passage called "Burning Your Ship" that solidifies your shift into a more empowered and connected Self

  • Identify and begin to come to grips with your Shadow Self

  • Discover the specific traps placed on the shaman's path to ensnare and sabotage you. Learn how to spot them and the techniques to navigate the path with greater clarity, confidence, and humility

  • You learn the Shamanic practices, meditations and rituals to embody The Elder Self and the techniques to intentionally manifest events, encounters, opportunities, and life experiences from this Self.

Overall, you will experience stepping into your Elder Self and gain the tools to access the wisdom, abilities and skills therein to walk your path with greater confidence & clarity

When I run after what I think I want, 

my days are a furnace of stress and anxiety;

if I sit in my own place of patience,

what I need flows to me, and without pain. 

From this I understand

that what I want also wants me,

is looking for me and attracting me.

There is a great secret here 

for anyone who can grasp it.

~ Shams Tabrizi

Retreat Details

Retreat Dates: Sept 14th, 15th, 16th

Arrive----Friday night, Sept 14th

Begin-----Saturday Morning at 9am

Ends------Sunday at 1pm

Includes: Campsite in Olympic Mountains

Location: Special base camp in Olympics

Investment:  $297

Only 10 spots available

Includes all food Friday, Saturday & Sunday  


Delicious sacredly prepared meals with fresh herbs & ingredients.  


Saturday dinner is a specially prepared Salmon seasoned with herbs & spices in an open fire

We're trained in the sacred cooking arts, honoring each plant, each herb, inviting in their life-force & wisdom.   All food is sacredly prepared with great reverence

Let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or aversions.  We're happy to shift menus

Fill out the form to enroll.  Leave message you're interested in The Elder Initiation & any questions you may have.  

Success! Message received.

Wouldn't you agree we need more Elders in the world?


An elder isn't merely someone with grey hair and wrinkly skin. It is one who has traveled through their inner fires, who gained their voice, their power and now comfortably rest within themselves.

YOU'RE AN ELDER IN TRAINING. This is your sacred walk, your time to throw off the beliefs about yourself given to you by others. Your time to discover your true power and voice!

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