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Your Medicine Story

Your life experiences serve to awaken your medicine!

Are you ready to heal & harvest it?

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Heal Old Wounds

We find when we heal our stories we have of past experience, we also heal relationships, ourself, and can walk our path no longer crippled but with a new heart & mind

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New Narrative

Reclaim Your Story

Many of the stories of our experiences are told by the inner critic. They're narrated by the voice of unworthiness, shame, and incompetency. But you have other archetypes who have a story that's more true and will liberate you.

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Step Into Your Gifts

In your life experiences, wounds, struggles and mishaps, there are gifts waiting to be harvested.  Discover how to apprentice to them, to step into  and live them.

  • Are you carrying the wounds, failed expectations, and regrets from your past into today?

  •  Do you notice them showing up in your relationships, career, or other areas?

  •  Would you like to heal old wounds, traumatic events, or struggle?

  •  Do you ever wonder what the deeper meaning within them is?

  •  Do you feel blocked from stepping into your gifts or vision of life?

What voice within you is narrating your story? What if it’s the wrong narrative?

The Hero's Journey

Discover the specific stages of your journey and previous stages. Learn how to identify and be empowered to navigate your inner and outer terrain

Break Free 

Break free from old narratives, beliefs, emotions and wounds that are limiting you.  Step into a new narrative and beliefs to empower and continue your healing process

Your Medicine

We each have a unique "Medicine" or potency of being. It's said we discover our medicine through the specific experiences of our life path.  This is a journey of harvesting your medicine and stepping into it

Tools & Techniques

You'll learn the tools and techniques to reclaim your narratives, step into and cultivate your medicine, and how to navigate your path with greater clarity and ease

We all have wounds, regrets, and failed expectations.  But we don't have to be plagued by them. We don't have to carry their residue into our present relationships, careers and life. 


What if instead of re-enforcing why you feel unworthy or unable, they revealed your strengths and exactly why you are worthy and capable? 


What if you could heal the wounds of your past so you may access your gifts?

The original wisdom shared our life struggles and wounds were given to us to help us mature into specific strengths, understanding and gifts. 

It's time to harvest the medicine in your wounds and story

This is a journey of exploring specific areas of your past you'd like to heal, learn from and have a new relationship with.

You'll discover how each of your stories/experiences follow specific stages.  Each one is predictable, offers specific insights, archetypal people, and pathways of experience. 

We'll explore these and the mythic themes within your story and you'll discover the other narratives and deeper meanings in those situations.

In this process you heal, evolve your narrative and beliefs and discover the strengths, gifts and new understandings they afford you now.

This is a profound journey of discovering your Medicine Story!


Begin Your Journey



This is a one-on-one mentorship.  Depending on what you wish address, you'll receive three to six mentor sessions


Begin by starting the conversation.  Use the form to introduce yourself and share why this resonates.  Ask any questions you may have. 

We'll then schedule a Free 30 minute phone session to connect with you with, to share further details, and answer any questions you may have.  

If this offering feels like a great fit, we'll then schedule our sessions accordingly.  The length and depth of these sessions are unique to each person. They range from 60 to 120 minutes.

We look forward to connecting with you. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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