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Shamanic Mentoring

Look through new eyes

When we look through ancestral and shamanic eyes we see beneath the surface the interwoven threads of the unique tapestry of who we are and why we’re experiencing what we are.
We gain insight into the unique path we walk and gain clarity with the mythic, symbolic landscape we're each navigating within and without. 


5000+ year old Naturopathic Medicine, Psychology and Spiritual Science reveals how the patterns & principles of nature are also expressed through you.


Reveals the invisible layers woven within you and your experience.  There are other influences affecting us from attached energies to parts of you dispersed from trauma that may need retrieved

Ancestral Ways

Our struggles are not blemishes but reveal where we have to grow and reveal the hidden doors now open for us. The West has an adversarial approach. Here you experience how to be in relationship with your path and how to draw from sacred nature connection

Sacred Rites

Explore the practices, rituals, and rites of passage that will serve you to heal, discover your "Medicine/gifts" and make the profound shifts you're ready for.

We offer three pathways


Sacred Web Path

Get support, clarity and training with navigating your inner and outer landscapes.  Address anxiety, stress, and emotional-energetic roller coaster. Discover the deeper mythic layers and how the principles of nature are patterned within you and live more aligned, in your gifts, and the deeper meanings within your experiences.


Shamanic Healing

Within our wounds, failed expectations and trauma are hidden gifts.  Be guided into your deeper layers ready for healing and retrieve the dispersed or exiled parts of you.  Heal wounds, break free from adversed patterns/behaviors caused by trauma, and harvest the medicine they each offer.

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Shaman Mentoring

Do you want to learn shamanism? Do you want to dive deeper into your shamanic journey, rituals, and practices and learn in a traditional way through deep nature connection, rites of passage, and council?  Learn to travel your spiritual path with traditional knowledge and practices.


Sessions are 60 to 90 minutes
Location Options: Local Park ~ Phone ~ Zoom
Contribution: Sliding Scale
Due to pandemic we're offering a sliding scale of $60 to $120. Normally $125/session. (USD)  We're happy to work with you.

How To Start

We follow a more traditional path to our services.  Email us at and share your intention for receiving, what you're experiencing and why this resonates.  We'll then schedule a session with you.

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