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Detox ~ Address Specific Concerns ~ Dietary Guidelines ~ Education

Ayurveda offers an intuitive pathway of not only restoring health but also with living connected, aligned, and harnessing your unique gifts.


When you learn how the principles of nature are being patterned within you uniquely, it’ll becomes super simple. You’ll intuitively know what to do and when to do it. 

Ayurveda Offerings

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1.5 hours $150

Ayurveda Health Assessment

Do you have specific health concerns or imbalances you'd like to address?  Would you simply like to dial in your health?

In this session we assess your health and review your goals.  You'll learn the underlying causes and what's influencing any imbalances.  You'll learn natural ways of re-balancing and the principles to stay in balance.

Includes an eye, tongue and pulse diagnosis.

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1 hour $97

Detox Consultation

Just like how food or diet can benefit one person and yet throw another out of balance, so too no detox fits every person.  A detox can be an amazing experience or it can take 6 months to a year to recover from. And in a world of of detox fads and hype, you want to be informed what's right for you specifically. 

This session reviews your unique body type, your present state of health and your health goals.  You'll then learn which detoxes to avoid, which one's will serve you and/or how to adopt a detox to fit your unique body type and condition of health.

Includes a tongue, pulse and eye diagnosis

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Time and prices varies on needs

Pancha Karma (Detox)

Pancha Karma translates as the 5 actions. Ayurveda has a detailed and specific approach to guiding the toxins from the tissues and eliminating them in a systemic process.  It both removes the toxins and restores the health of the tissues and bodily systems.   Email us to learn more or schedule a Detox Consultation.

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Multiple Price Points & Options

Six Weeks to Alignment

This is our signature Ayurveda offering.  It is a six week journey of restoring your digestion, adopting daily heath rituals, evolving out of food cravings & addictions, and stepping into a restored state of health and overall alignment.  

This is a powerful journey of healing, being empowered to take back your power of choice over cravings and experience heightened level of balance.


1.5 hours $197

Diet & Health Rituals For You Specifically

Food that's good for one person, even if wholesome, may be bad for another.  In this session we'll reveiw your the unique patterns of nature being expressed through you and outline a the foods and health rituals that 'll serve you and which one's to avoid.   You'll also learn how to return to balance when we indulge or find ourselves off-balance.  What's more is you'll learn the core principles that'll enable you to make informed decisions and take your state of balance and health in your own hands.


1.5 hour $197

Align With Your

Hoop Cycle

We each have a personal hoop cycle we revolve through about every month and half.  It influences us emotionally, mentally, and energetically.  It dictates the foods we crave, the music we listen to and so forth.  Most get derailed by their cycle and experience these ups and downs as something that randomly happens to them.  This session help you outline your basic hoop cycle so you can be aware of each of the four stages, how to maintain balance in each one, and how to align so you harness the gifts of each one instead of get derailed.

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1 hour $150


Shirodhara is a very powerful Ayurvedic treatment that releases stress from the nervous system.  It facilitates the body’s own healing responses by disarming the stress response aspect of the nervous system (sympathetic) and activating the parasympathetic (healing) response. Incredible to receive... 

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1 hours $150

Marma Point Therapy

Marma Point Therapy is for Energy Balance. This unique therapy helps awaken “secret energy points” throughout the body.

  • Similar to acupuncture points, Marmas are switches that “open” channels of Prana (life force) of your body.

  • Feel energy circulating through the Nadi channels.

  • Free stagnant emotional blocks.

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1.5 hours $197

Herbal Poultice Treatment

We use fresh herbs and plants heated and put in a poultice.  Using oils, massage and compressing the poultice throughout the body or a specific area helps to draw out toxins, to nourish the tissues and organs, and bring the body into alignment.

How To Schedule

This is an invite only offering:  If your curious to learn more, fill out the form.  Please share why this resonates and what you would like to get from it. 


We'll then schedule a FREE 10 minute phone interview to connect with you further, share details and answer any questions you have.  We'll then schedule you're session.

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