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Ayurveda Group Cleanse

A Soul Nourishing Journey

You feast, drink and splurge during the holidays. 

Imagine journeying into the new year by joining a soulful group gathering to realign, to cleanse and rejuvenate your body and heart.


This is an opportunity to experience an Ayurveda Cleanse, to release old patterns, and with a supportive and authentic group of people align with the patterns, intentions, and healthy routines that nourish you. 


Imagine lovingly leading your body and heart into alignment where you're empowered to live from a more grounded and connected sense of self.

You'll be happy you take advantage of realigning

Do more than detox... 

  1. Establish a state of health 

  2. Adopt the practices that support it

  3. Learn how to easily maintain it on your own

An Ayurveda Detox is coming back into relationship with your body

Why An Ayurveda Cleanse? Click Here!​ 

Using a delicious Ayurvedic stew infused with specific spices and adopting a few daily health rituals brings your whole body into alignment and  establishes a state of health

The Group Cleanse Includes

Cooking Demonstrations & Education

Together we'll cook food and you'll learn the simple principles of Ayurveda Cooking techniques, how to use specific herbs and spices for taste and health properties and you'll learn how to make a few delicious healthy decoctions. 


You'll discover a simple yet powerful way of consistently making informed decisions regarding your diet, what foods to eat, and so forth.

You'll also learn simple daily health rituals that'll give you quality energy and mental focus throughout the day.  You learn how to put your state of balance in your own hands.

Cooking Class

Balancing Mind, Food Cravings, & Emotions

One of the primary reasons people give up on a cleanse is because you experience emotional releases and food cravings.  Ayurveda shares all imbalances and impulses derive from a disruption in our flow of prana.  Each gathering you'll restore your prana through a gentle meditation & restorative treatment.

In this, you'll also learn how to have easier control of your impulses, food cravings, and emotional eating.  You learn how to take back and remain in control. What impact will this have for you?

Yoga Class for all Ages

Soulful Dialogue and Authentic Community

There's something special that happens when we come together as a group with sacred intent and common purpose. Have you noticed how it helps you stay accountable to your vision of self you're evolving into? 

Each gathering we'll be in soulful dialogue, sharing experiences, releasing, and re-nourishing your sense of belonging and sense of self through soulful connections.

We weave together storytelling, humor, & practical wisdom as you learn how to create healthy boundaries, overcome limiting beliefs, and learn ways of following through with your intentions. 

Outside Dinner

A Structure To Consistency Realign

This four week journey is designed so each week you experience a sense of coming home within yourself.  You experience deepening your relationship with yourself, your foods, and with the people in your life.  You're able to release what no longer serves you and invite in those things that nourish you.


Each week you'll feel more empowered as you adopt the practices and techniques so you can do this on your own after the cleanse.


This is a 30 Day Cleanse where you experience your body coming into balance, establish a healthy digestion, and learn how to EASILY maintain your health in our  modern world and western diets

"I recently finished the Ayurvedic cleanse and I am so very happy with the experience. I have done many cleanses in my life but none of them have led to lasting change. This cleanse was completely different. I feel like I have a totally new relationship with my body and I feel like I am in balance. I was really struggling with caffeine and sugar and after the cleanse I can honestly say that I am feeling much more in control. I loved the food that I was able to eat on this cleanse and I am still eating it. I learned so many beautiful strategies. This was a fantastic experience. Also, Chivito was great. He checked in with me regularly and was an endless source of encouragement and support. I am very grateful for this experience and I recommend it to anyone!"

~Jaclyn Jamison, WA

This is NOT for you IF:

  • You're not willing to cook and prepare your food

  • You're looking for a quick fix rather long term health

This IS for you IF:

  • You're wanting to bring your whole body into alignment

  • You'd like to have a better relationship with your body, emotions and mind

  • You want to learn about foods, herbs and spices and how to apply Ayurveda cooking principles to our Western foods and lifestyle

  • You're looking for long term health

  • You want to learn how to maintain your health on your own

Why Is This cleanse So Effective? Click Here

"I started the cleanse with a little bit of skeptism and I finished it being in awe. I WAS an impulse eater.  I had tried to maintain diets in the past and my impulse eating always derailed me.  This cleanse made it so easy to have control and I found though I had cravings, I wasn't ruled by them.  I was struggling with weight, low energy, and being stressed out.  I completed the cleanse feeling as if I came home within myself.  I feel re-aligned and though I have cravings, I feel more in control. Thank you.  I definitely recommend this cleanse and Chivito was so supportive and available."

~Tasha Sanchez, WA

How Does It Work?

We provide everything you need

It includes 2 weeks of food, yummy herbal elixirs, hands on cooking demonstrations and expert guidance every step of your cleanse.  You're fully taken care of!


Each week we gather adopting healthy routines and rituals, meditate, and learn together.  You experience lovingly leading your body into a renewed state of health.  Plus you gain access to our online platform full of tutorials videos with easy step-by-step instruction


Week One: Stoke The Inner Fire

Using a yummy Digestion Boosting Snack and following some simple guidelines, you begin to improve your digestion so your body can process and eliminate the toxins you've accumulated in your connective tissues and bodily systems.

Week Two: Detox Time!


This week you'll enjoy our yummy Ayurveda Stew infused with specific herbs to pull the toxins from the body while strengthening the tissues. It's fun to make and DELICIOUS! You'll begin a simple health ritual that'll lend you more mental clarity and quality energy throughout the day.


You'll also discover simple ways to overcome food cravings and emotional eating. Imagine what it'll feel like to have greater control of your food choices and impulses!

Week Three: Sacred Heart, Sacred Mind


This week you'll continue with the yummy Ayurveda Stew and add another simple health ritual to cleanse the blood and liver.    

You'll likely find your body feeling stronger and healthier. You're coming into rhythm with your body and you'll likely experience your mind and heart aligns with you.  You'll begin feeling more connected and in relationship with "yourself!"

Week Four: Rejuvenation, Coming Out Of The Cleanse


This week you begin a delicious elixir and begin introducing specific foods into your diet that nourishes your tissues, gives you strength, and empowers you to continue your journey of health.      

Where other cleanses leave your body weakened, Your Ayurveda Cleanse strengthens your body, gives you greater mental clarity and quality energy to resume and live life!

Your Ayurveda cleanse not only detoxes your body, it strengthens it and you learn how to make informed decisions to maintain your new state of health on your own!  Enroll Today.

Everything You Need for an AMAZING detox

Step-by-Step instruction and Real People to support you

Bonus Material

  • Two Weeks of Food!

  • Spices, oils, recipes, and tutorial videos!

  • Two Special Ayurveda Elixir… 

    • A delicious immune boosting jam

    • A delicious rejuvenating & strengthening drink

  • An Aromatherapy blend to balance the mind and gives you impulse control.

  • In addition to the group sessions, you also gain access to online platform with step-by-step Instructions

  • Includes Tutorial videos, checklists to keep you on track, and practical worksheets to make your detox smooth and easy to do

Learn How To

  • How to manage food cravings

  • How to curb impulsive choices

  • Emotional eating

  • Break free from cravings, addictions, and patterns

  • How to create healthy boundaries 

  • Take control of your mind, anxiety, stress and emotions


You're supported throughout the cleanse. Anytime you have a question you can call us.  

Talk to someone on the phone anytime you need! 

Enroll Below

The Details


Locations will be in Seattle Wa & Portland Or.  We're confirming exact locations. 


Portland Dates:

Wednesdays from 6pm to 8pm

1/9 1/16, 1/23, 1/30, 2/6

Seattle Dates

Sundays 4pm to 6pm

1/6 1/13, 1/20, 1/27, 2/3




Do You Have Questions?  Use the box below.  Share what you're intentions and goals are, how your health is now, and ask any questions you may have.

Thanks! Message sent.

If you would like to talk to someone on the phone call 971-242-9475. We'll be happy to answer all your questions. 

What's the Next Step?

Schedule Your Ayurveda Health Assessment

If you're saying "YES! this is what I want!" then schedule a health assessment to get started.  We REQUIRE this assessment in order to assess your health and whether this is the right cleanse for you. We honor every body is unique and hence are very thorough.



  • Tongue, Eye &  Pulse Diagnosis to locate where toxins are most prevalent in your body

  • Review your health history

  • Identify your Ayurveda Body-Type 

  • Review your health goals for the cleanses and how to align them with your body-type

  • Explore previous and current obstacles in aligning with your health goals

  • Lay out a clear path for you, your body type and health goals


 From this we'll be able to tailor the cleanse to you specifically.  

Normally $108, we're offering a special 50% discount for only $54

Discount Available Until Dec 30th  

If you enroll, we'll discount it from your cleanse

Phone Session

In Person Session

Do You Have Questions?  Use the box below.  Share what you're intentions and goals are, how your health is now, and ask any questions you may have.

Thanks! Message sent.

If you would like to talk to someone on the phone call 971-242-9475. We'll be happy to answer all your questions.  We're often out in the woods teaching or giving sessions so please leave a message in case you reach a voicemail and we'll call you right back.   

Listen to our Free Audio Class and Learn:

  • The 3 primary ways people destroy their health through a detox

  • The specific stages every detox should have to be SAFE & EFFECTIVE

  • How to choose the right detox for you

  • What to expect during a detox

  • How to navigate food cravings & impulses so to successfully complete your detox

  • Secrets to overcoming emotional eating


Download our FREE Audio and Ebook.  

By doing so you'll be informed with how to choose the right detox for you!

What Happened When I Did My First Ayurveda Detox 

My Channel

My Channel

Watch Now

Our Ayurveda detox is:

  • One Part Eliminating toxins​

  • One Part Restoring bodily tissues and establishing a state of health

  • One Part Education learning how to maintain your health on your own

Get Started...

Bring Your Body into Alignment

Break Free From Old Patterns

Adopt healthy rituals & practices

Take control of your health

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