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Becoming NatureWise

This is a 4 month Journey learning in the cultural ways of our Indigenous Ancestors, where through storytelling, gathering around the virtual fire and direct experience we apprentice ourselves to nature and remember what it is to be Indigenous of Earth

  • Renew your connection to Earth and ancient wisdom

  • Learn Indigenous Psychology, mindsets, and cultural understandings that provide a deeper relationship with nature and how you fit within the great web of life.

  • Learn practical traditional skills, knowledge and awarenesses


  • Experience Animism and learn the etiquette and rituals of becoming relatives with the plants, birds, animals and land


  • Experience traditional ways of learning through Storytelling, Way of Council, Direct Experience, Coyote Mentoring and collaborative learning as we gather together in circle (virtually). 


  • Get personalized mentoring, be in council with elders and indigenous wisdom keepers