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Earth Speech

Remembering Ourselves Home

This is a journey of restoring the ancestral remembrances yet held in our bone memory of how we're part of a greater dreaming... The Earth's Dreaming and how we're an extension of Nature.

We’re breaking free from the spell-casted veils of colonial-christian conditioning that disconnects us from Nature and hence from ourselves, our potential and this greater mythic experience of life.


We're restoring the mythic-indigenous ways that re-weaves us back into these ancestral remembrances where we may reclaim our power, beauty and nobility of soul... we restore the ancestral psychology that roots us in a way the breathes connection, reciprocity and flow.

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Restoring A Traditional Path

Experience a more traditional path. A weave of the old ways sung in the old languages that re-attunes you to the sacred originality of it all.

Through storytelling, visiting power places, adopting a mythic lens and applying these principles of nature within the hoop cycle and elements, you’ll restore your power and scared roots… You’ll emerge in the Spring with a sense of having remembered yourself home and be equipped with your true inheritance to bloom the dreamings you hold within you

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Deeper Reflections

By Indigenous we are referring to the psychology and mores of people who currently and/or ancestrally live as an extension of the land, plants, waters, animals, and sacred energies of place... From the Celts, to Aborigine, to the Haida to Ayurveda, Taoist and Shinto... they live connected to the mythic nature of life recognizing there's greater threads animating this tapestry of life than the dull colonized world we see around us.


Worldwide, our indigenous & ancestral relatives model a way of living not as adversaries of life but a way of being in a sacred, reciprocal relationship with life... a way of honoring the principles that govern nature also govern us physically, spiritually, and mentally. 


When we live attuned to, and as an extension of, nature and these mythic qualities of the Dreaming Earth, we live in flow. When we don’t, we deplete ourselves, families, and land... We feel alone, disconnected, and orphaned... we become what Indigenous cultures call Soul-Loss.

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By Mythic, we’re acknowledging the universal understanding the language of soul is through imagery, symbols, stories, and songs that connect us to that which can’t be expressed by ordinary words. 


We’ll draw from the World Library of myths and symbols from the Old Celts to the Pygmie of Africa, to the sea farers of Northern Waters, to the red sand canyons of the Hopi, from traditions around the world to restore the original vocabulary of soul speech.


We’re de-colonizing the “literal” speech that traps us in a black and white flat world and we’re restoring our mythic relationship with life.

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This is a 7 month experienced based immersion shared in the oral traditions that guides you to have direct experience with these relational ways of being an extension of Nature so this isn’t information you learn, it’s wisdom you become.

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