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Of A Sacred Mind

Begins November 2020

This is a 5 week journey of taking control of your mental-emotional state as you adopt the universal sacred mindsets and practices that yield a strength of spirit, sense of grounded connection, flow and abundance.

We want to de-colonize our minds from a conditioned sense of scarcity, self-limitation, disconnection, and adversity. 


You want to protect yourself from the onslaught of social hypnosis, toxicity, and negativity that keeps many looped in a cycle of fear and anxiety.

Three Parts of The Journey 

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Nature Connection

Reconnect and deepen your connection with nature through indigenous practices to ground, nourish your nervous system and remember your place of belonging within the sacred web of life.

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Reclaim Your Mind

Which wolf are you feeding? Take greater control of your mental-emotional states, neutralize triggers, and release mental toxicity

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Ancestral Perspectives

Adopt the mindsets, micro-rituals, and practices that give a strength of spirit, cultivate resiliency and grounds you in a state of connection and sacred relationship

Watch the introductory video.

Click Here To Watch

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There is a deep well within you, a place of sacred belonging, a wild edge unchained from a colonized mind, a mind that is awake.


But for most, their mind becomes easily hijacked and loops them in a roller coaster of disempowering mental-emotional states. The sacredness of mind becomes lost.

Adopt the mindsets and practices to reclaim your mind, take control of your mental-emotional states and revive the sacredness of life

"Since doing The Mind Cleanse I've noticed significant changes in my relationships, my sense of self and even my health. I feel more connected and at ease with life.  I'll use what I learned here my whole life! Thank you so much!"

Lola, Austin TX

Transform Your Mind

Working Mom

Fun Online Platform

Intuitive platform to view daily focus, dialogue with community and receive mentoring.  Includes videos, meditations and techniques to choose from.

Designed to be super simple so anyone, regardless of schedule or lifestyle, will experience profound shifts

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Weekly Virtual Council Fires

Live Zoom councils to get mentoring, listen in to other people's stories and reground in your focus.

Through storytelling and dialogue you get inspired depth and support.

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Sacred Community

Tree of Totems has evolved into a spirited and authentic nature based community, diving deep in our inner work, learning to unbury our hearts and step into our gifts as we honor the seasons, and share our paths in a safe and sacred space.

What The Journey Entails


Protect & Manage

Learn to manage anxiety, depression, stress and fear with greater ease

Learn how to NOT take on other people's or social collective "energies" and maintain a strength of your container of mind, energy and emotions


Strength of Spirit

Re-align and ground in the strength of your spirit. Shift from a mindset of scarcity to on of abundance, flow, & Gratitude.

Harness the potential your mind, step into your gifts and carry them with confidence, ease, & humility

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Sacred Practices

Learn the practices, micro-rituals, and simple meditations to activate and protect your mind, embody a sacred way of experiencing the world, and deepen your connection with nature and the sacred web of life.

The Flow

Enroll Below and gain access to the introductory module or start at anytime.

Go at your own pace and do it as many times as you wish.


Receive a core Weekly Focus & Practices to choose from to:

  • Identify and neutralize your present triggers and patterns

  • Mindsets & Techniques to shift into a more empowered state

  • Sacred Mind, Nature Connection and Indigenous Mindsets

  • Choose from options of Meditation or Mindfulness techniques 

Couple with Laptop


Receive reminders and focuses on your phone to:

  • Ground in the present

  • Realign with your intention of the day

  • Technique to apply and shift into a resourceful mind

  • 1 minute meditation or nature connection practice

  • You choose how many reminders you wish to  receive!

Everything is designed to LOVINGLY guide your mind into the patterns and mindsets that keep you centered, empowered, and awake!


Lodge Hours

  • Every Thursday at 11am and 6pm PST.  

  • Choose one or come to both times

  • Receive personalized mentoring

  • Listen to other people's stories

  • Extra depth and inspiration through storytelling and indigenous wisdom


Community Forum

Access the community forum anytime to connect with others, ask questions, share your story or be inspired by how others are applying the practices.

Each day you become aware of the unseen mental patterns you're most likely using right now and shown new patterns and ways to harness your mind to work in your favor!

"The Mind Cleanse has helped me take control of my emotions and mental state.  I didn't realize how much I was giving my power away.  It feels so liberating to have a sense of control and no longer be the victim of my own mental-emotional state.  Do yourself a favor and do the Mind Cleanse!"

Jasmine, Seattle WA

100% Money Back Guarantee

No matter the reason, let us know within  30 days and we'll provide a full refund!

Only $124

Enrollment Opens Soon


Enrollment opens in October and begins November 

Want to do the 30 Day Mind Cleanse with a group of Friends or Colleagues?

We can setup it up so you all start at the same time.  We can also schedule special conference calls or live sessions to guide you as a group!

Do you want to offer The 30 Day Mind Cleanse in your Yoga Studio or private groups?

Contact us and ask for details. 

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