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A Common Sense Path To Health, BALANCE & Living in a Sacred manner

Ayur = Life & Veda = Science

Ayurveda is most commonly known as the Naturopathic Medicine of India and as the Oldest Medical System and Science in the world.  At times when it was illegal for the Western world to dissect bodies and when science was still suppressed by "The Church,"  Ayurveda was performing advance surgeries and thriving in the sciences.

Despite Ayurveda's prestigious level of sophistication, Ayurveda originated as a solution to help the common people and was offered as a nature based science & wisdom to live in greater connection with nature, themselves and the world.

It's said that great Rishi's (seers) gathered together to discover a way to help the people struggling.  So they performed many rituals and gave many offerings to the Gods, asking them to guide them and show them the way.  They spent years meditating and observing the relationships occurring with nature.  From this, they saw the universal laws and principles to both heal and live in greater partnership with the world around them.  They recognized Nature is our greatest teacher if we but quiet our minds, connect and listen.

In short, Ayurveda is a common sense methodology for knowing what to do and when to do it in regards to foods, rituals, detoxing and living in alignment with the cyclic movement of the seasons.

Ayurveda shares the more Self-Aware you become and of how Nature expresses Herself within your body and mind, the more common sense it is to not only live in balance but to access your potential and honor your unique path in life.

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