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Playful exploration of nature with interactive storytelling & fun!

In these 1.5 hour weekly adventures, kids ages 2-10 years of age become brave explorers and parents become adventure guides!  This is a parent/child class facilitated by a leader.

Classes take place in a public park and engage children in fun activities to connect with nature and animals while developing important skills of managing their emotions, and how to express and/or communicate with others.


Each class follows a loose structure that includes an opening circle, main activity, closing circle and snack.


The main activity focuses on open-ended exploration and play where kids actively engage in imagining, exploring and/or problem solving.  We may use Kid's Yoga, Games, Interactive Storytelling, and/or crafts.

Our intention is to foster a sense of magic and curiosity with nature and animals.  We playfully integrate totem animals, talking sticks, and meditation into the class.  We may speak of the spirit of trees, plants and animals and have fun connecting with them in a safe childlike manner.  Our intention is not to teach but to inspire the child's curiosity and ability to discover their own experience and truth.

While this activity is planned and guided by an adult, the interests of the children play a large role in shaping the way it unfolds. Snack time then allows children and their adults to relax and reflect on their learning and experiences.


We meet in all weather conditions except extreme circumstances of heat, cold, downpour etc.  Otherwise we allow the weather to be part of the teaching and exploration for the day.  We'll let you know how to best dress for the weather prior to each class.

The whole class is based on Play, creativity, and gain new “powers” to have greater control of themselves and their ability to express themselves.


Each class ends with a fun assignment for the kids helping them be aware of nature or to apply their new “power” at home

Classes are $15 each

paid four at a time: $60/month

Class times & dates coming soon!

Starting June 2017

Interested? Fill out the form and message us you're interested "Kids Wildy Adventure"

And if you prefer Leavenworth or Wenatchee

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Chivito Cowa (Chee-Vee-Toe)

Is certified as a Kids Yoga Instructor & has served as a wilderness guide helping at risk youth.

He's a certified Yoga & Ayurveda Practitioner and integrates wilderness & nature education with mindfulness, storytelling, and inspiring a fun curiosity in the Spirit of things.  Read More

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