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Be part of this rare and special teaching that weaves together the Tibetan Shamanic Ritual of harnessing the Wind Horse, and the deeper activations of this year's Lunar Wood Dragon

In this rare experience, we'll be sharing how to activate what's ready to take shape within your life.  We'll reveal a special shamanic rites/ritual that will help you harness the potent energy of blooming and flow this year has to offer. 

We'll Explore:

  • What does the Lunar Year of The Wood-Dragon, have in store for you? 

  • How can you harness its energies? 

  • What should you look out for so you're not trampled?

  • How to make a potent shift of inner vitality

  • Rare teachings of the Tibetan and Navajo Tradition that are essential for this significant shift into the Lunar New Year.

As we step into the Lunar Year of The Wood-Dragon, a season of rebirth and blossoming, you have an opportunity to harness its energy to re-activate your sacred power and bloom into 2024!

Right now, many are feeling the call to release out of the fatigue and heart-weary from the challenges of the past few years.

Do you also feel this call to re-emerge and bloom? 


The Wood-Dragon isn't a horoscope, it indicates the energy and inner weather patterns that are ready to take hold inside us.  BUT we can just as easily be trampled by it.


Don't miss the opportunity to straddle the Dragon and bloom with the powers it holds.

The Shamanic Tradition of The Wind Horse

It is said we may either ride on the back of the wind horse or be trampled beneath its feet.

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The Wind Horse is the power of inner vitality, prosperity, heightened awareness, and sacred power.   If we learn how to connect with it, we can straddle this energy and it'll carry us into profound growth.

This lunar year of the wood dragon is all about this energy and knowing how to straddle the wind-horse will determine your ability to rise with it.

But if we fail to harness it, we may be trampled beneath its feet.

The Wind Horse is connected to the wind element that is responsible for the beating heart of life and the movement of our deepest most dreaming.  When we can walk in a sacred way, we activate the Wind Horse and it carries us. 

Unleash Your Sacred Powers

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In this RARE Virtual Fireside Teaching, we're going to share the details of how you can harness the Wind Horse and step into the power of the Wood-Dragon!  To transform your everyday life into a resonance of spiritual potency that you may activate what's ready to bloom through you and let it carry you through 2024

Within this empowering event, we'll unlock:

  • How to straddle the Wind-Horse instead of being trampled

  • What to expect in the next couple months

  • Powerful mind shifts restoring deeper meaning and sacredness.

  • Strategies to triumph over the adversarial energies of the times.

  • Daily rituals anchoring you in a rhythmic movement of success.

  • Subtle shifts that ignite play, joy, and beauty.

Includes Recording of Event so you can Listen to

again and again!

Your Spot

Sunday, Feb 11th
11am to 2pm (pst)

Lunar Year Activation (1).png
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