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Becoming NatureWise

Remembering how to be in sacred belonging with Nature & acquiring the skills to be amongst the wild places

Learn core nature skills and the ancestral perspectives of being in sacred relationship with the natural world

If you know the language of nature, become aware of the relationships of the birds, plants, animals and landscape, then suddenly you gain entrance to a world thriving all around us.  When you learn the original ways of connecting in a sacred manner, of how to perceive animal sign, how to navigate amongst the forest, and engage your senses in such a way they deepen your connection with what you’re perceiving, you experience shifting from an unaware tourist to being included in the conversations and happenings occurring around you. You experience entering the circle of sacred belonging.

Long ago there was a cultural way of learning the skills of being in nature and cultivating an intimate relationship with the forest and animals. Nature skills were a way of connecting and being part of the forest community.

The traditional way was of learning through direct experience, games, storytelling and being in council with elders and mentors. 

Naturewise is a traditional way of learning that weaves together core nature skills (see below), ancestral perspectives, and cultural practices into a tapestry of learning, healing and connecting.  It's a way of shifting from being an unaware tourist to being included in the conversations of the forest happening all around you.


This gathering is for those who consider nature a spiritual experience and you want to learn more skills to deepen your connection and be confident being in nature.  This is for those who want to learn how the patterns of nature are also being expressed through you. It’s for those who want to be part of sacred community and learn how to flow in rhythm with the cyclic seasons.

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Class Flow & What You Learn

Every class will bring new skills, understandings and ancestral perspectives to surface so we may continue to learn and experience a continuity of growth each month.

We begin with a fire ritual and opening circle.  Then through storytelling and dialogue we explore new ancestral perspectives, understandings and mindset with connecting with nature and the great web of life.

We then journey into the forest and through core routines, games, and adventure, we hone in our nature skills, learn new skills, and apply the ancestral perspectives in real-time.


Nature Skills:

  • Basic Tracking & Interpreting the stories they tale

  • Reading Animals Sign

  • Following Animal Paths

  • Forest Conversations such as the birds, squirrels, and weather and what this tells you is happening in the forest around you

  • Navigating: Identify your route, know where you are and how to safely return without getting lost

  • Basic Plant Identification & Uses

  • Basic Primitive Skills such as friction fire, shelter, and crafts (optional)

  • Sense Skills: how to increase your senses, know what to be aware of and how this gives you entrance into a deeper relationship with the forest and animals


In addition to core nature skills, routines and practices, we'll weave in the sacred explorations of the following:

  • What it is to be claimed by land or place

  • How to let the land and nature steward you instead of you stewarding the land

  • Totemism: reading & understanding the messages of the animals and sacred others

  • What it means to be indigenous of place

  • How can we honor those who came before us and our First Nation Relatives who've been displaced within heart, people, and land/home

  • ​Animism: Experiencing how everything is conscious and part of a great conscious web of life we're merely a part of

  • How can we help tend to the wounds of both first nation relatives and the wound of being connected to a European ancestry who committed such atrocities

  • How the patterns of nature are also being expressed through us 

  • How to live in rhythm with the great hoop of the cyclic year physically and spiritually

Each gathering will be different and we'll focus on new skills, learnings, and ancestral perspectives. You'll learn fun routines and practices you can do at home to harness your skills and hone in new awarenesses.


What we're doing here is apprenticing to the forest and animals. The aboriginal share a practice of “wild land dreaming.”  It’s a way of walking within a landscape that the land may dream through you the stories, teachings, and songs it carries.


This class happens outdoors in all weather conditions except extremes.  There will be times of movement and times of being still amongst the forest.  Dress accordingly.  We'll email everyone with a list of gear, what to bring, current weather and how to prepare.


Class will be at Oxbow Regional Park, outside of Welches or other area near Portland OR.  We'll inform of exact location during interview.

Dates & Time:

Will be Schedule in Spring/summer



Requirements for joining us:

We will be navigating off trail through the forest and may be climbing onto or beneath fallen trees. You'll want to be in a good enough physical condition to be outside and maneuvering through a diverse terrain.  Depending on location, we may be moving through creeks, and using logs as bridges. 

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How To Join

This is an invite only class:  If your curious to learn more or interested in joining us, fill out the form.  Please share why this resonates and what you would like to get from it.  We'll then schedule a FREE 10 minute phone interview to connect with you further, share details and answer any questions you have.  

Much Gratitude

Thanks! Message sent.

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