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Medicine People Rising

Re-indigenizing and Embodying Your Medicine

This is part of our Medicine People Rising Series helping healers, mentors, coaches, teachers, and others who help people to break the unconscious spells of colonization and religious trauma and re-indigenize our Medicine and how we may serve our communities.

In this first series we restore the ancestral and mythic perspective of experiencing the dark descent, times of struggle and uncertainty.  We reveal how these are initiatory times and how you may lean in and navigate the dark from an ancestral persepctive.
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Navigating The Dark Descent

Helping The Medicine People in Times of Darkness

This isn’t a course but rather a Crossing, a passage through the dark.


It’s an indigenous & ancestral approach to navigating what’s traditionally known as the Dark Descent or Long Night of Soul.

In intact cultures still connected to an Earth Psychology, it was known we must each have our moment to walk in darkness.  It’s a time we enter uncertain territory and we must draw from hidden resources within us.


Traditional elders share the spiritual path is very long. Whether you’ve been walking your path for 6 months or 10 years, we are each just starting out.


There is much more to learn and our dark descents and struggles are Life’s way of initiating us into deeper medicine if you know what to lean into and how to harvest.

But few today know how to navigate it nor do we have the traditional elders, shamans or cultural practices to support this initiatory experience.

Instead many isolate themselves, feel ashamed and attempt to navigate it alone. This is part of our colonized conditioning that undermines our medicine and ensnares us in a dark loop.


We're restoring the elders and guides to support our community through these initiatory times. 

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The Dark Descent often includes:

  • A dissolution of self

  • Feeling a fraud

  • Loss of direction

  • Sense of Shame

  • Radical changes

  • Grief

  • Loss

  • Unfamiliar territory

  • Uncertainty

  • Powerless

  • Inept in your own abilities

The primary struggle is we no longer have the ancestral frame and indigenous knowledge to understand what's happening and why.   

Instead of an initiatory experience that blooms the hidden medicine within you, many get caught in a recurring loop that undermines their life.

Many get stuck in the dark and carry a sense of shame and inadequacy.

When you know the stages within the descent you gain a renewed sense of clarity and power.

When you know what to look for, you become informed with how to navigate unfamiliar territory and uncertainty.

The What

During these five weeks we restore an ancestral and indigenous understanding of navigating your times of struggle.  You gain a new frame of reference that gives you renewed direction, what to lean into, what questions to ask, and what to do. 

Everyone's Descent is
different and deeply personal.  Hence you're not given bullet points of what you should do.

Instead, you learn the indigenous etiquette of

  • What to look for

  • How to stalk the questions you haven't yet thought to ask

  • How to court the dark so it reveals the hidden teachings, medicine and gifts it has in waiting for you.

You're offered practices with how to harvest the medicine, gifts and new strengths that you're being invited into through your descent

You learn how to see the path ahead, step through the threshold and ascend in a way you bloom into the gifts and medicine you activated within you.

In this, you not only gain new clarity for yourself but you gain powerful medicine with helping others navigate their descents and times of struggle. You'll be able to offer them ancestral perspective that will empower them to  navigate their dark night and harvest and grow into new medicine.

You're not in dark times, you're in Initiatory times. 
You're on Mythic Ground!

The How

We're de-colonizing and re-indigenizing how we share, learn, and grow into the learnings. 

We hence share in a more traditional way that weaves together inspired storytelling, ritual, humor, and soulful dialogue.

We circle together around the Virtual Fireside (zoom) each Thursday at 6pm pst.  In this we acknowledge we're not merely on zoom but we're in fact in circle with each other, tending the fire and calling in the ancestral remembrances to be with us, guide us and show us the way.

Please Note: For privacy and creating a safe space, we do not record our zoom sessions.  We do however record the content for viewing on your own.

Between council fires, you experience a new sense of grace and clarity as you restore a mythic perspective of your experience.


You'll be invited into our Online Learning Trail platform. Here's you'll have access to recordings of our live content, articles and other resources.

You have direct access to Chivito at anytime through our online platform. You're fully supported. Reach out at anytime.

Mentor Session Available
If you'd like to go deeper and draw out the hidden layers, the questions that are stalking you, and experience traditional mentorship, you can schedule private sessions with Chivito by phone or in-person. (Additional cost)


Dates & Time
Thursdays 6pm-8pm pst
Jan 12th, 19th, 26th
Feb 2nd, 9th



How To Join 

We're intentional with who we invite in so to create a safe and sacred space for all. 


We model a more traditional way by beginning with an introduction. 


Please email Chivito at


Share why this resonates and what you're currently experiencing.  We'll then schedule a 15 minute phone conversation to further connect and lean into the journey. 


About Your Guide

Chivito Cowa

Chivito draws from a rich background of following a traditional learning trail, seeking out the elders and undergoing the intense rites of passage and initiations to gain an intimate relationship with the inner terrain we navigate. 



"There is expression vs words that are deeply felt when being guided by Chivito Cowa. I have come home to my remembering in such an intimate way that no other guide has been able to offer, until I met Chivito. I've experienced many programs (journey's rather) under his guidance and each one has unlocked doorways within my soul that I never thought possible. He truly shares from a well of wisdom and celebrates you every step of the way. Anyone looking to explore their inner and outer landscape would benefit grateful from Chivito's guidance and teachings. There is so much more I can share, but trust that you are in good hands and will be deeply grateful for the work you experience with him."

Delia Spirit Bear

"I whole-heartedly and soulfully recommend working with Chivito Cowa. He is a true gem and a living embodiment of spirit. He has a powerful, unique gift of intuiting what people are missing and deeply yearning for in today's society and is magically (I can think of no other word to describe his process) able to provide a path to reclaiming that in the form of horizontal guidance. It's a totally empowering, inspiring "we're in this together but each have our unique journey" vibe. His ability to cultivate a sangha while also providing concrete suggestions for moving through all that comes up in the soul-spelunking deep dives that you are in for when you sign up for this ride is truly saving the world by helping souls reconnect with their essence- the ultimate calling. I'm so glad I answered and got Chivito on the other end"

Laura Tousaint

"I encourage anyone who struggles to find the beauty in life to consider any of Chivito’s Courses. It is salve for your soul. The stories, the struggles, the heartbreaks, they are the medicine of your life. This was news to me. Awakening the sage within changed my life. I now have a new lens with which in interact and receive the world. Chivito is a gentle, insightful teacher and guide. He is connected with nature and ancient teaching and uses these tools to walk you inward, to find the magic that is inside of you, inside your life."

Jennifer Pledger

"I’ve been a mentee of Chivito’s for the past 14 years, and he is by far, the more impactful person I’ve had in my life.  His wisdom, teachings, and writing, have helped equip me with powerful tools that shaped me into the leader I am today.  
His craft is vast, his applications are enjoyable to hear/read/experience, his heart is pure, and he literally LIVES what he preaches.  
Chivito is an extraordinary example of ‘how to live a life connected’.  I’m so excited for him to publish, so more people may be nourished by his wisdom and all his many years’ dedication to being of service to others." 
Deep Bow Chivitoji & My Deepest of Thanks!!

Niene Pugliano

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