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Personal Myth

Accessing The Hidden Meanings and Mysteries of Your Life

This is likely one of the most important and valuable offerings we have.


In these bi-weekly classes, we dive into the underlying story, hidden meanings, and invitations woven in your present life experience and provide you the tools and insights to empower you and give you an advantage in the walking and shaping of your present life.

Applying both scholarly knowledge of Archetypal & Depth Psychology, AND the lived experiential knowledge of Indigenous and esoteric knowledge, you get a RARE opportunity to pull back the curtain and gain inside knowledge of the deeper movement of your life they call The Dreaming.

"This class has been an anchor for me.  I have navigated some intense times of my life with so much grace and strength because of these circles."  ~ Deborah H.

Wisdom of the Mythtellers shares that there is an over-arching story that's being lived through you.

"Let go of all the other stories that try to claim you and come close-in with the one story to which you belong."

Most people are oblivious to what their specific life path is and how to decipher the ever-changing current and cycles of what the Brujeria of Mexico call their "River Beneath The River" that stewards the deeper movement and meaning of the one path you alone shape with your walking.

"Chivito is a masterful storyteller and facilitator.  These circles and his mentorship have literally changed my life. I honestly don't know where I'd be without the shift of perspective they continually give me. They have given me a new way of understanding my life that puts me back power of my experience. I have a deeper connection to Spirit and my own life because of these circles and his mentorship" ~ Janice Hathaway

The old ones share, there is a story being lived through you.  When you know it, you suddenly gain insight into what you're experiencing, why you're experiencing it, and how to navigate life with greater clarity, confidence, and personal power.

This is a RARE opportunity to learn from authentic traditional teachings, perspectives and stories of both Western Archetypal & Depth Psychology and Indigenous and esoteric Eastern lineages by someone who's been initiated into and gifted them first hand.

Chivito Cowa brings over two decades of experience in guiding individuals and translating traditional knowledge so to be useful for today's people.

"Chivito is by far the best therapist, mentor and teacher I've come across.  He truly lives what he shares and has learned by diving into the deep experiences of his own rites of passage.  He is one of the few who actually shares from a deep well of personal experience."   ~ Jason Atwood


Interactive VIRTUAL Fireside Experience:

Engage in group discussions, guided exercises, and reflection prompts to actively participate in your own journey of self-discovery.

Each session serves as a sacred space for exploration and growth, allowing you to unravel the threads of your narrative and gain invaluable insights into your path forward.



To know the story you're in, that's being lived through you, alerts you to the hidden invitations and deeper meanings being offered you in your current life experience.

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  • Identify where you are within your personal cycle of the Hero's Journecy Cycle

  • Identify key archetypes in your life and what they signal

  • Find the questions that are stalking you that you haven't thought to ask

  • Learn to see the mythic ground you're presently in

  • Learn the deeper reasons why you're experiencing what you are

  • Decipher Dreams, Totems, and Other expressions of your path reaching out to guide you

  • Gain wisdom with what to focus in on and what to let go of

  • Learn the overarching story being lived through you

  • Gain the mythic frames of reference that reveal the deeper layers and territories you're navigating

From these circles you gain:

  • Clarity and confidence with what to do

  • Renewed inspiration

  • Deeper understanding that gives you an advantage over life's trials, people, and circumstance

  • A profound sense of connection, meaning, and purpose with your life


There is limited space available as we like to keep the groups small to inspire deeper discussion and reflections.


Virtual Fireside (zoom)

Feb 22nd


1st & 3rd Thursdays 

6:30 pm to 8 pm PST


Tonight's class, March 7th is FULL

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Personal Myth

Accessing The Hidden Meanings and Mysteries of Your Life

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