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Resurrection Rites

Shift into what's now ready to bloom through you

This is a "Remembering"

Ahéhee' and Tashi Delek, beloved ones,

After the deep darkness of winter and the intense challenges so many have experienced this past year, we rejoin nature in making a felt shift into the rising energy of the Wood-Dragon. 


We re-emerge with bear with the new dreamings and powers to carry us into this next hoop cycle.

What are you now ready to grow into? 

What energies of the winter are you ready to shrug off?

What new powers and dreamings are awakening inside you?

What we're doing here is restoring a kind of traditional wilderness rites.  

The Resurrection Rites

Throughout history, the Spring Equinox has been a significant time across cultures worldwide for joining nature in being re-dreamt into the world.  A time for doing Vigils, Rites of Passage, Vision Quest, and gathering with community to shift with the seasons.

The Old Wisdom shares

"What you vision for yourself is too small for you.  What's ready to be dreamt through you is far greater than  what you can see."

In this Resurrection Rites, we trail the hidden paths to the greater dreaming ready to awaken and be lived through you.


We enter beneath the emerald bows of old-growth forest.  As we forage the hidden paths amongst the ancient sword ferns, moss, and lichen, we enter its spirit and experience the felt energy of the Earth re-dreaming itself into the world.  Being immersed in the forest you experience harnessing this energy and awakening into a new kind of vitality.

The Anishinaabe have a word "Puhpowhee" which refers to the energy and spirit of a mushroom to push up through the soil over night.


During the time of the Spring Equinox, all nature taps into this energy.


Through carefully crafted experiences, mythic stories and being immersed within the dreaming energy of the Earth, you feel the hidden power and spirit in you activate and give you new vision.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to harness the power of nature, to have a felt experience of releasing the winter residue and awakening to the new vitality wanting to carry you into the dreamings of this coming hoop year.

"Chivito is a masterful storyteller and facilitator.  These circles and his mentorship have literally changed my life. I honestly don't know where I'd be without the shift of perspective they continually give me. They have given me a new way of understanding my life that puts me back power of my experience. I have a deeper connection to Spirit and my own life because of these circles and his mentorship" ~ Janice Hathaway

THIS ISN'T A CLASS teaching information.

Through the crafted experiences you find what is uniquely yours and how to step empowered in your Personal Myth.

Chivito Cowa brings over two decades of experience in guiding individuals and translating traditional knowledge so to be useful for today's people.

"Chivito is by far the best therapist, mentor and teacher I've come across.  He truly lives what he shares and has learned by diving into the deep experiences of his own rites of passage.  He is one of the few who actually shares from a deep well of personal experience."   ~ Jason Atwood


We'll be gathering around the fire in a nearby forest outside of Portland OR.  We'll be going off-trail following the animals trails to hidden spots. We may cross creeks, crawl beneath or over fallen logs, and may even do an (optional) river plunge depending on weather and group. 


You'll want to be physically able to walk on uneven ground, crawl beneath and over trees, and comfortable being outside amongst the elments. 


"I haven't found anyone who shares in these traditional ways as Chivito does. He really does share RARE teachings that we're so in need of today. I can't express enough just how important and beautiful these are. Thank you for the work you do!" ~ Jennifer 



Limited to only 6 participants 


Easter Sunday March 31st


9:00 am to 5 pm PST



We require everyone to schedule a 15 minute Free Phone Consultation.  This allows us to connect in with you, assess your physical ability, and personal intentions for joining us. 

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