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Sacred Hoop

Learn Traditional Knowledge in the spirit of the Oral Tradition

This is a "Remembering"

Ahéhee' and Tashi Delek, beloved ones,

Elders of the Dine', Hopi AND of Himalayan lineages have heartfully shared with me, "We're in a time of Remembering."  

The Sacred Hoop teachings are the foundational understandings of Indigenous & Earth-based Cultures with how we're part of nature, the Earth's dreaming, and how we are of the primordial powers weaving life into being.

Here in the PNW, Salish People call it Tsawalk.  In the SW the Dine' call it Hozho and Tibetans call it Tashi.


These are the fundamental baseline understandings of how indigenous cultures worldwide experience such a depth of interconnectedness and mythic relationship with life.

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In these circles, we drink from what the Brujeria call the "River beneath the river" or the Old Norse call "The Well of Memory" that burbles up at the Tree of Life. 

Together, we restore the oral tradition of ritual, mythic storytelling, and reflective dialogue. 

 Each circle is dedicated to exploring a specific teaching, where through the sharing of stories and discussions, we awaken these timeless truths within ourselves, guiding us to integrate them more fully into our contemporary lives."

"Chivito is a masterful storyteller and facilitator.  These circles and his mentorship have literally changed my life. I honestly don't know where I'd be without the shift of perspective they continually give me. They have given me a new way of understanding my life that puts me back power of my experience. I have a deeper connection to Spirit and my own life because of these circles and his mentorship" ~ Janice Hathaway

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This is a RARE opportunity to learn from authentic traditional teachings, perspectives and stories of both Indigenous and esoteric Eastern lineages by someone who's been initiated into and gifted them first hand.

Chivito Cowa brings over two decades of experience in guiding individuals and translating traditional knowledge so to be useful for today's people.

"Chivito is by far the best therapist, mentor and teacher I've come across.  He truly lives what he shares and has learned by diving into the deep experiences of his own rites of passage.  He is one of the few who actually shares from a deep well of personal experience."   ~ Jason Atwood


Interactive VIRTUAL Fireside Experience:

Engage in group discussions, guided exercises, and reflection prompts to actively participate in your own journey of self-discovery.

Each session serves as a sacred space for exploration and growth, allowing you to unravel the threads of your narrative and gain invaluable insights into your path forward.



"I haven't found anyone who shares in these traditional ways as Chivito does. He really does share RARE teachings that we're so in need of today. I can't express enough just how important and beautiful these are. Thank you for the work you do!" ~ Jennifer 

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  • Learn RARE teachings

  • Restore your own "Bone Memory" of the Original Understandings

  • Re-anchor in the deeper knowledge base that connects you to your unique path

  • Be part of a felt community of like-spirited people

  • Learn the Stories, Rituals, & Teachings that awaken us to our greater belonging

  • Learn how to live as an extension of nature and the Earth's Dreaming

  • Experience Coyote Mentoring and the art of inquiry

From these circles you gain:

  • New Clarity, understanding and confidence

  • Renewed inspiration

  • Deeper understanding that gives you an advantage over life's trials, people, and circumstance

  • A profound sense of connection, meaning, and purpose with your life


There is limited space available as we like to keep the groups small to inspire deeper discussion and reflections.


Virtual Fireside (zoom)


2nd & 4th Thursdays 

6:30 pm to 8 pm PST



Recording of Event



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