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Shadow Guide Training

Become a Shadow Guide & Sacred Circle Facilitator

We are in a time we need Shadow Workers... those who can guide others through their shadows and inner landscape... the deeper layers of soul.  To guide them through their stories to heal wounds, harvest their “medicine” within their wounds, and help them step into their gifts to carry into the world.

And we need those who’ve gone through their own shadows, who’ve greeted their thresholds, harvested their own medicine, and can guide others from experiential wisdom of navigating the shadow worlds.

This training is two parts:


One part Wilderness Rites of Passage and moving through your own shadows


One part learning to facilitate others, lead sacred circle, and shamanic practices.

This Training is for those who want to be becomes guides and those who don't want to be guides but ready to do deep shadow work and learn the ways of navigating your inner landscape 

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Wilderness Rites of Passage

We gather outside around the fire where you'll experience various forms of rites of passage where you get to greet your thresholds, learn to be with your shadows and navigate the inner landscape so you mature into your gifts and hence can help others do the same.

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Facilitation Training

You'll learn how to guide others, lead profound circles, and powerful shamanic and psychological processes to help others heal, harvest their gifts and fully step into them.

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Shamanism & Ritual

You'll experience the Shamanic and Animistic principles first hand, how to use nature as your catalyst & healer, lead ritual and ceremony in profound ways for multiple purposes

This is a 9 Month Training that completes with a 3 Day Vision Quest where you BOTH

Help guide a fellow student AND

You are guided in the preparation and integration of the experience.


A Traditional Way of Learning

Shamanism and Shadow walking isn't a practice you learn in a classroom.  It's roots are deep within nature, surrounded by the natural elements where the spirits of the land, animals and seasons my play a central role in our conversation and experiences.

We gather around the fire brought to life by primitve methods, drumming and song.  We give offerings and through storytelling, direct experience and inspired dialogue you experience the "learnings" awaken within you.  

You're learning how to apprentice to these practices so when you're doing deep shadow work, circles, and healings they may speak and guide you in the process of serving others.

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The Flow

Importance of in-person and online training

While our focus is on in-person training, it's important to also learn how to lead shadow work and online circles during these pandemic times.  Hence part of our training is live around the fire and part is learning to facilitate online circles and mentoring.

We gather together for: 

  • Four 3-day retreats

  • One 4-day Retreat

  • Vision Quest ( 5 days total)

In between Retreats:

  • Monthly Virtual Council Fire (zoom)

  • Will be giving practices and techniques to hone in

  • Will partner up with a fellow student to practice virtually or in person so you have real-time experience receiving and facilitating.

Dates are listed below:

What You'll Learn:

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Thresholds & Edges

You'll learn how to guide others to greet their thresholds and move just beyond them in a safe way, help them harvest the "medicine" probing them into the deeper meaning of their experience and how and when to lead them out of the shadows into a state of balance... to a resourceful and centered state.

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Inner Tracking

Learn how to track both your own and other's stories back to the core belief, wound, or experience.  You'll learn how to discern the difference between what they're telling you and the deeper layers beneath the surface.  Here you'll learn how to ask the right questions to draw them out and do the deeper healing that creates profound shifts, healing and transformations.

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Mythic Mind

People experience their experiences through the lens of mythic symbology, imagery, and themes.  Learn how to read their mythic representations and draw them into the deeper meanings and expressions they reveal.

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Art of Mentoring

How to ask questions to lead to their own discovery… how to not try to fix, but help others find the meaning and new wisdom for themselves.  You’ll learn the art of the invisible school using storytelling, artful questions, and experiential processes to guide them rather than teach at them.

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Medicine Story

Within each of our wounds and life experiences there are multiple stories. Most ascribing to the story of the critic. Learn how to extract the wisdom, strengths, and gifts their experiences provide them.  We call this their medicine story and is one of the most profound healing and empowering experiences people have.


Methods & Techniques

You'll learn specific "Processes" of guiding people through their shadows, healing wounds, changing karmic patterns, and aligning with their power.  You'll practice each technique on a fellow student and others and also experience the profound effects each one has.

If you're interested, watch the introductory video to meet your guide and learn the deeper layers and details of what this journey entails. 

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Your Learning Process

We focus on experiential learning and application. 


You will experience first hand the principles and teachings and be invited to apply the techniques and processes between our retreat dates.  You'll partner with a fellow student to both experience it and learn to guide others.

You'll also be invited to host circles live or online to hone in you skills and abilities in creating space and leading powerful group experiences.

In this we hope you'll be able to begin to grow your "village" base and hone in your skills while training.

Join us for a Live VIRTUAL council fire on Zoom where we share details, you can meet your guide and ask questions

Due to Forest Fires we'll likely begin in November



1st- 4th (4 day retreat)

14th Virtual Council 6pm (All on Wednesdays)


6th - 8th Retreat

18th Virtual Council


2nd & 16th Virtual Council


6th & 20th Virtual Council


5th - 7th Retreat

24th Virtual Council


10th Virtual Council



14th Virtual Council



April 30th - May 2nd retreat


2nd - 6th Vision Quest ( 5 days total)

19th Graduation & Closing Circle



Group Size:

We only accept 8 persons for this training due to the depth of this work.  

Location: Welches OR

Our primary location will be our our primitive base camp on Wy'East (Mt Hood), located just outside of Welches OR.  

If weather is unfavorable we'll meet at Oxbox Regional Park outside of Troutdale OR.


During our retreats we will be camping. You'll want to have a tent and sleeping bag


You'll be responsible for bringing your own food.... However, I love to share my Elk Stew. 


We'll provide a stove and grill to cook on.


We'll provide a list of what you'll need to be comfortable and safe. 



Multiple monthly payment plans available to fit your budget


Some scholarships are available. Click link below to use form to inquiry, share your situation and why you'd like to attend.

Pandemic Support: 

We recognize the pandemic has created a financial strain on many.  We're here to support the village. Reach out to us and share your situation and we're willing to do what we can to make the training available for you.

How To Enroll & Ask Questions

We follow a more traditional path by inviting you to start the conversation.

Click below and fill out the form as to why this resonates, your goals for applying it and ask any questions you have.

We'll then schedule a FREE 30 minute Phone Interview to give you further details, assess your ability to join us, and answer all your questions.

Only 8 Students are accepted. 

Much gratitude

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