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Shamanic & Ayurveda Healer Training

This class is presently full.  We'll be sharing our Year Long Shamanic & Ayurveda Healer Program soon.  Stay posted.

This is a three month journey of becoming a Shamanic Healer


Learn the core principles, modalities, and techniques of Ayurveda & Shamanic Healing.  Learn the nature based principles, how to apply them to influence the Elements within a person and consistently provide deep healing experiences.

Imagine learning to be a healer in a traditional manner where the forest is your classroom and you get to converse directly with nature Herself and draw from the elemental energies.

Imagine gathering around a fire invoked by primitive methods and ritual, performing ceremony, learning shamanic drumming, and how to use the raw elements and draw from the energies of the river's songs, the tracks of wild animals, and the vibration of ancient trees at the base of Mt Tahoma (Rainier).


 Imagine honing in your skills of energy healing and guiding others through shamanic journeys with other souls while breathing in the forest as it breathes you in.

Consider the impact of a three day rites of passage on the summer solstice and experiencing the power of initiation surrounded by community.


Community Solstice Rites of Passage

and Initiation

The time between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice is a time of rebirth and blossoming into fullness.  We tap into the seasonal energies to harness the medicine within us and learn how to ground in our aligned self.


We complete our journey with a three day gathering on the solstice.  You'll merge with the Shamanic Scout Group who is undergoing their own Equinox to Solstice journey.  We do a ceremony together on the solstice and then they'll go out to do their final initiation of an overnight fire vigil where they tend to a fire in a sacred manner with drumming and ritual throughout the night.  As they do, we'll be gathered around our own fire and through the night you'll apply your skills as we drum, chant, dance, and meditate to hold space and keep the spiritual door open.  The next day community gathers round to bear witness to your stories and acknowledge you who began the journey is not the you who emerges.  It's acknowledging your transformation and the new space you hold in the new now.  It is a powerful experience of initiation and sacred community.

About Shamanism & What You Learn

The Shaman is one who sees through the surface veils and able to perceive the elemental energies at play in a person, a community, animals, plants and the world.  She/He knows how to influence these elemental and subtle energies of Spirit to bring harmony to the living energy system through methods of healing, divining, and problem solving through sensitivity to energy and the elemental influences being expressed.

This training weaves together Ayurveda, Shamanic Healing and Nature Awareness as we gather together in a traditional manner around a fire amongst the raw elements of the forest and rivers.  

Ayurveda is the nature based science of India that’s the oldest medical science still practiced today.  Ayurveda shares the science of how the patterns of nature are also patterned within us and reveals the simple understandings of how to identify elemental imbalances and how to use nature and spirit based modalities to restore balance and align spirit.

Shamanic healing, like Ayurveda, recognizes we’re not mere physical beings but are also Spirit, Mind, and Emotions.  Shamanic healing evokes the deeper spiritual attributes to help lead the whole consciousness of a being into alignment.

Both these modalities recognize we’re not doing the healing but instead supporting the individual in re-connecting and realigning. It’s recognizing every imbalance is a way their spirit is speaking to them and inviting them into a deeper relationship with Self.

The Shaman is able to translate these communications of Spirit so each person can harvest the greater meaning and direction Spirit is providing.


Click Here To Learn About Chivito,

Your Guide.

This journey guides you over three months as you discover how these elemental energies are expressed through you, others, animals, the land and the world.  You learn how to influence and how to increase or decrease them to bring balance and harmony to the living energy systems through healing modalities, energy healing, shamanic journeying, drumming, rituals, and foods. 


You learn the shamanic breath and spiritual discipline so you can harness the power of the healer and protect yourself from taking on other people’s energy, imbalances, and entities.

This is a journey of coming into your own and cultivating a foundation for growing into a shamanic healer which is a beautiful life long journey.

What You Learn:


Energy Healing

In India one experiences what is called Shaktipat which is an activation of internal energy systems.  It's an awakening of consciousness and an ability to participate in the subtle flows/expressions of Life Force.  Reiki provides a base and the Shaktipat awakens a deeper ability and awareness to facilitate healings while remaining PROTECTED from other's energy and imbalances.

  • Shamanic Energy Modalities

  • Reiki I, II, & II

  • Become a Master Reiki Practitioner & be able to initiate others into Reiki

  • Identifying cause of energetic imbalances

  • How to weave multiple mediums together to create a whole treatment

  • How to protect yourself from taking on other people’s energy


The Subtle Bodies

The Shaman sees not just the physical body but all the subtle layers that are expressed through the physical form.  Shamanism recognizes the body is just one part of Soul.  It's learning to perceive with confidence these layers and know how to engage them to support the person's journey.  It's recognizing all imbalances is way of soul communicating and helping a person discover the medicine they carry.

  • Learn the 5 Subtle Bodies

  • How treating them provides longer lasting results

  • How to identify imbalances

  • How to treat through multiple mediums (drumming, ritual, journeys, energy healing & more)


Elemental Healing

  • How the 5 elements are expressed within the body, mind, and spirit

  • How to increase or decrease the elements in an individual to restore harmony, vitality and connection

  • The elemental cause of imbalances physically, mentally, and spiritually

  • The Three Ayurveda Spiritual-Body types called Doshas


How To Perform a Healing

A Shamanic Healing is much different than an energy or Reiki Treatment.  A Shamanic Healer knows how to guide an individual into deep states of healing, how to bypass common resistance to change/healing and consistently provide deeply profound healings.

  • The steps needed to prepare the clients mental, emotional, and energetic state so one can be open to the healing

  • How to bypass common blocks and resistance in a client

  • How to discover key triggers and bypass them to provide healing

  • How to intentionally use triggers to evoke shadow energies and help someone release them

  • The stages every healing should have

  • The Power & Magic of words and how to use them to induce healing

  • Know how to tailor and prescribe self-care practices such as what mantra or stones, or meditation or other medium to do on their own.


Other Shamanic Skills Learned

  • Shamanic Drumming Techniques

  • How to use Ritual as a healing medium

  • How to guide someone on a shamanic journey

  • How to prepare the way for deep and effective healing


Medicine Wheel & The Great Hoop 

  • Know the four stages of the Great hoop

  • How to identify what stage someone is in

  • How each stage will limit or support one’s healing

  • How to choose what kind of healing depending on their current stage

  • Know the medicine wheel and how to draw upon it for healing, guidance and providing instruction of your clients


Certificates you receive:

  1. Reiki I

  2. Reiki II

  3. Reiki III Master Reiki Practitioner

  4. Shamanic Energy Healer Certification

Details, Dates & More

We meet every other Saturday in a special spot amongst the Emerald Shadow Forest of Mt Tahoma (Rainier).   We gather around the fire and share through traditional methods where we weave together storytelling, drumming, soulful dialogue, deep experiences, and practical applications to take out and hone your skills with.



6th & 20th


4th & 18th


1st & 15th

Three Day Solstice Retreat

Weekend of June 21st, 22nd & 23rd


10am to 5pm


What You Get

  1. You receive three month training 

  2. Six full day training with overnight camping (campout is optional)

  3. The full course which includes videos, audios, worksheets, and practical step-by-step guidance. 

  4. Three Day Summer Solstice Retreat

  5. Join our other classes for free (Fire Gatherings/Sadhana)

  6. Plus you're fully supported and have access to Chivito during your journey.  Call, email, or text him at anytime.

Payment Options Are:

4 payments of $249.25

(Ask about other payment options)

Full Investment is $997


This is an invite only Journey.  Please email us at and share why this resonates, what you'd like to get from this training and how you hope to share/apply it.   We'll then schedule a FREE 30 minute phone interview.  This is so we may connect with you and you with me, ensure you're the right fit and answer any questions you may have.

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